Get A Haircut - George Thorogood


I was a rebel from the day I left school

grew my hair long and broke all the rules

I'd sit and listen to my records all day

with big ambitions of where I could play

My parents taught me what life was about

so I grew up the type they warned me about

They said my friends were just an unruly mob

and I should get a haircut and get a real job


Get a haircut and get a real job

Clean your act up and don't be a slob

Get it together like your big brother Bob

Why don't you get a haircut and get a real job?

I even tried that 9 to 5 scene

I told myself that it was all a bad dream

I found a band and some good songs to play

and now I party all night, I sleep all day

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I met this chick she was my number one fan

She took me home to meet her mommy and dad

They took one look at me and said "Oh my God!"

Get a haircut and get a real job


Get a real job

Get a real job


Channel:  Ron Burgundy
Damian Sanborn 

266 people have haircut and a real job.

Ron Ruddick 

What if I engineer a dog that produces hair that acts as a psuedovirulent and reformats his physiology temporally correlating to the length of the animals hair... I could have an eternal puppy.


My dad cursed me with this song...and I still need a hair cut and a real job

Bob Smith 

Actually, this is pretty good advice for most people.

I've got long hair and a beard and played the drums - none of that made me any money. Now ... money can't buy you happiness - but it can buy you something to eat and get you somewhere to live where your neighbors aren't criminals.

Fortunately ... I liked working on computers ... as long as I kept my hair and beard off the circuit boards - computers didn't care how I looked.


Randy Owens 

Red. There are no bones in ice cream.

Luis Liquito 

pensei que ele era um Red neck, mas ele é Blues :)

Ryan Freeman 

First u herd this was in the bar an been in my head since

Happy Birthday 

thoroughly G

Happy Birthday 

I seen ya there

Broody kay 

My parents used to basically tell me this when I was in school well guess what I'm now 43 my hair is down my back ( and I have some piercings) but I've been retired now download 2 years and I do make more than my big brother Bob (who's actually my sister lol) and my dear old mom is 64 and still got a year to go before she gets her pension and even then it will be a third of mine.....who's laughing now eh?

Brian Detheridge 

You wanna get people dancing play this tune good bar or wedding reception tune

David Rambo 

Fuck bob

Hsa Yelkca 

Don't sing this to a person with afflictions. Ouch

Subidubidubi Du 

Screw the 9 to 5 job, you are nothing but a slave for the rich suckers who use you in any way they can. Be free and work for yourself

James Mueller 

He'll yeah this is a good song 😎😎

Michael Otten 

George Thorogood serenaded me with this at sioux falls jazz fest a few yrs back! Thanks George you made my night!!!

arlen pelletier 

Did that!!

Greg Silverado 

hurt your amps, never cut your hair


this song is far too relatable

Jeffrey Monceaux 

Doesn't Rapp suck?

Michelle Waldron 



No !


Big ambitions, party all day!!!

Arnold Cloer 

Anybody else hear the lead guitar part from Let's Work Together or am I just crazy?

Edwin Quiñones 

I need a haircut

bouchendira karim 

ron burgundy the weather man was a rebel hhhhh

Kelley Bland 


Geoff TuckFrump 

“I was a rebel since the day I left school!!” 😆😆👍👍

Tempey cooper 

that's JAMMIN!!! 2018!!

Anthony Klavinger 

I got a real job but I ain't gettin no haircut.

James Berreth 

My parents thought I was in league with satan😎

Aaron Cone 

Millennials don't like this song, because it involves initiative & dedication to be sucessful.

Dennis Paul 

Don't be a damned slob man!

Brian Robbins 

Seen george at the emerald queen he still rocks the best concert I've seen in a long while they will be wheeling him out in his wheelchair for the shows

Leonard Jackson 

Longish hair & earned the title of "vocational adventurer"


good advice ....

Motor Man 

They took one look at me and said. "Oh my God!"

debbie matheson 

let your freak flag fly...................

Larry Fulbright 

Am I the only one here, let's jam man!!!

Charlie Dixon 

The Deplorables New Theme Song!!!!

Best Thing I Ever Heard!

Thanks GT, Charlie.

Kelly Lindsey 

Hell yeah Tryon take this damn advice! Bahahah

Hakan Dursun 

Awesome !

Baron Taylor 

This song can apply to homeless drug addicted people as well

Joe Jip 

who here is in 2018??

Joseph McCauley 

fucking love this song

James Joaquie 

Nice haircut bob

Alice Wonder 

lets fuck the government in the ass.

kendal kenny 

Just what my folks told me it happened after a while. 5years. They wished my hair was like his.

Paul A 

Great version of the song.This is not a GT original.