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Some cultural differences I've noticed between Germany vs USA since moving to Berlin! [ ⬇OPEN FOR MORE ⬇ ]

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Maurice E. Coates 

Germany does not have a word similar to fuck in their vocabulary. People who use it in Germany have a limited education. Cultivated people speak proper German.

Knut-Hinrichq Walter 

Man sollte, was sich allerdings bei uns eingeschliffen hat, die USA nicht mit Amerika gleichsetzen,denn auch die Leute auf Feuerland sind Amerikaner !

michael duschek 

because stupid peoble use the word FUCK all the time.. get in contact with smarter ones

learn to eat with fork and knife having in your hands at the same time :-)

Tiffiney Cade 

The slow servers annoy me but I could learn to deal with it 🤔

Jason Huang 


Irgenwo im nirgendwo 

Yes that's right about that word "fuck" we just use it anytime😂

Arturo Garza 

Germans are really smart people. They made the Benz.




I'm an italian boy and i'm learning english also seeing your videos

Robert O. 

Most Germans don‘t believe in God anymore, so they curse like sailors and it doesn‘t even bother them. I don‘t see that as a plus.

Artem Lobov 

You know what you call a beautiful woman in Germany?



"a tourist" ;)


About the restaurant-thing!

For Germans, there is a difference, if you're going to a regular restaurant, or to a fast food restaurant!

If you only want to fill your empty stomache, you get yourself some fast food.

If you go out for a meal, you go to a restaurant; you take your time to choose, eat and enjoying your meal and a nice chat and maybe stay for another glas of wine or beer.

And saying "fuck", is the same as saying "shit" ... at least for the most of us, so ... no offense!


The US and Canada are nowhere near being equivalent in culture.

helfgott david 

Well when i ask my beloved sister how am i looking in this suit? I want an honest answer,no sugarcoating, just her opinion, i might take it or not. And vica versa, she's asking me:be prepared to get an answer you don't like..Years ago an american during a conversation told me to come to his house any time.....NOOOOO dont do it. It was extremely embarassing when i found out the hard way. I told him :you said come to my house, and he was like yeah but........When i told him that "yeah but" means NO he was offended.We are no friends anymore.

Joy Dang 

It is actually considered rude to take out your phone while being out with somebody, especially when your going to a restauant.

helfgott david 

I agree with Jens; but its not so much of a deal since its normal to fuck, i do hope i am not offending you, I think its just the word, but yes germans are not as prude as us americans, adding the fact that the biggest porn industry is in the us, isnt this double moral, so fake and useless? Dont get me wrong, i do respekt women for sure, but living up with a great pleasure of a female or if you like male body is great.And yes i do agree that the word fuck reduces to a simply body experience. I dont like it eather, But remembering my young days the word :Geil; which is nowerdays a normal word was absolutely NOGO. Today its common, life goes on

Ash Katze 


Forid Sajidul 

Hi how are you

Pliny 830 

Well, I wouldn't advise German tourist boards to use this material. They sound horrible. I'll spend my vacation money elsewhere.


Small talk is really a way to detect hostility or take a reading on someone. It is a great way to avoid conflicts.


We have over 50 million people with German ancestry in the US. Here are the states with the most people from Germany.

madhu reddy 

Hi Diana, apart Berlin which place is good for tech job's and for settle as well..

Gypsy Soul 

OH look at that north Mexican girl talking about same culture with US😁

Hopl Hoppla 

Just gotta say this real quick: I love the term tech-noses. Never heard it before but I love it. <) <- Seen that work better. Fuck! (:D)


Thought I might enlighten you about my experiences. I'm a German who went on a holiday to Hawaii last year, and I can resonate with a lot of things you said in the video. Except for the excessive smartphone usage, I agree with you. I liked the fact that you mentioned the difference between restaurant experiences in N-A vs. Germany (and this applies to most of Europe, by the way!), because this was one of the first things I noticed. On the one hand I appreciated the fast & good service in the US, on the other hand I had the feeling we were rushed out of the restaurants most of the time to make room for the next customers. I mean, I understand the reasoning, but I think it’s a shame that waitresses are not paid well enough by their employers. Moreover, I thought that for a holiday, the American attitude & friendliness was really refreshing. It’s a different story if you want to get to know someone on a deeper level, but I find that we Europeans are often judgmental and suspicious. That’s

Jacob Smith 

what are you calling being addicted to your phone? technosis?

Inkasso Meddl 

"Technosis" is just as hypocritical as small talk. Why would you share pictures of your meals or announce what movie you are watching? Most people concern themselves with more important things than what a stranger eats for lunch. Most of your friends and followers on social media are strangers and wouldn't care for more than 10 minutes if you died tomorrow. So why seek their approval? Don't forget that everything has a price and you may have to repay those hypocrites with the same time-consuming attention or else you lose your established social position. Do something more productive than that is my advice.

Elisabeth Monette 

I’m from Germany, and they always asked me how my weekend was.

Trystar XZ 

Na wer kommt noch aus Deutschland und denkt sich auch gerade nur so wtf ist das echt so?


What is it with your hands? Everytime American people try to explain things they use their hands. Just like a Lorm manual alphabet...

Loki Loki 

That word f.... Was copied from americans.

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Bonnie Sue 

How can you tell that Germans don't understand the concept of smalltalk? They do. And there is a lot of smalltalk everywhere you go in Germany.


Im a German currently living in the U.S. and Im having a great time hear. I also learned a lot about us Germans. Like you said Americans mastered the skill of smalltalk very well, while we don’t really do that in Germany. Also Germans tend to be very direct, when we have a problem we adress it and solve it, while Americans have to do their little Smalltalk sketch before they are „allowed“ to adress a problem. While Americans might think the German way is rude, Germans think that Americans don’t have the gut to tell you what they actually think, but instead don’t miss any chances to do so behind your back. This is one thing I personally really don’t like about American culture, because it is often very phony, germans will know the word „hinterfotzig“.

Carola in Paris 

If you do not want to hear the answer, do not ask the question. If I meet new people and want to get to know them, I will be happy if it turns into 10 min conversation.

Lothar Scholz 

American culture? Whats that? Every Yogurt has more culture then the US.


i bet she sucks a MAD ROD !!..


We do understand the concept of small talk but we dont like the way americans do it.

If someone wants to know how I am, but they dont even really mean it then whats the point of the question amyways?

Benito Mussolini 

The biggest diference is

Germany: Blood And Iron

America: FREEDOM

Inquisitve m 

german girls hotter than canadian girls? german guys hotter than canadian guys? lol

Artemis Fowl 

Thanks for those very interesting views ^_^


I’m an American with French and German heritage. My German heritage must dominate Because I hate small talk here in the US. (Michigan btw) so I know about Canadians lol.

Okay I’m typing as I’m watching this video. So now the word Fuck is a thing in Germany. Here to in the US we cuss as if it’s a norm. Only when children are around we kind of watch what we say. But the “F” word is a popular word in the states.

The phone:

I’ve watch rock video concerts in Germany and I noticed that the crowd doesn’t use their phone like we do in the US. Hollywood Everyone in the US wants 15 minute fame and we’re all about TV.

Laurent Porter 

I used to work in Toronto and consider Canada the European North America... The USA seem to me as a more violent society.

Regarding f*** used by non-English speakers, I remember using French in certain cases ("Qu'est-ce que c'est comme une m****!?")

Redtailcatboi 930 

Screw amaricans

The Sloyde 

U live in Berlin?

Anubis News 

If there is any Germans here that would like to improve their english I'm happy to help in exchange for a little help with my german as I'm trying to learn the language.


I think the thing about the restaurants also stems from the fact that in america servers are relying on the tips, so obviously they have an incentive to get many customers, hence getting them to move quickly. Whereas in germany, obviously you get tips too, and they are welcome, but the salary itself is much higher than in america and your livelihood, in most cases, does not depend solely on it.


Swearing is not a big deal in Germany. Go to other parts of the country and depending on the local culture you can hear a lot of swearing but for example in Bavaria this is more religious and in a bluntness that wouldn't probably be approved of in the US. God, Mary, Jesus, the cross, heaven and the sacraments are used in curses on a general basis.

Aman Zaman Taman 

I'd choose Germany over USA or Canada

vag bhs 

love germany