Gaming History: Zeus Master of Olympus “More popular than baklava”


Zeus Master of Olympus - If Pharaoh’s pyramids gave you nightmares with their build times, and Caesar 3 proved a bit too difficult, then there was always Zeus. Streamlining and simplifying certain aspects of the game didn’t really detract from the fact that it is still one of the most enjoyable city builders out there. And you can have a version of Zeus that does in fact lift run around your city thunderbolting your enemies.

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In your video, the gods seem to spawn relatively slowly, but not enough to be a nuisance. With me the gods spawn with snails speed. All the sources I have checked go to a too long tangent for me to grasp the important bits. Can you make a summary if you do know?

Spud Bud 

When i was a kid.

Just a little spudbud.

My 3rd grade teacher let us bring i. Games for the computer that may be "educational" and i was damn into that shit.

So i brought in this game. She borrowed it for the day and the next day gave it back and said "i dont think so"

Hey, fuck you! I learned a lot from this game! Lol

Spud Bud 

Just played Poseidon yesterday after so long.

Worshipped Apollo and Artemis.

When the monsters came to destroy Atlantis, Apollo killed them all.

So yeah, choose apollo for your monster problems lol.

But he cant save you from what came next. Floods, earthquakes. Lava, and the whole map sinking into the sea. Lol

Taras Rurik 

this games were my childhood


Who gives a shit about eating when Aphrodite's around?


Well the Greeks were known for there temples. It was my favorite out of the series because I loved Greek myth and legend. I got to help the Greeks win the war against Troy. Help Hercules with his labors. It was fun. I didn't think it was suppose to be historic Greece, but it was a good kid friendly Myth Greece if that makes sense.

Earthworm Jim 

best part of Zeus that made it better than Pharaoh is the ability to invade and conquer the world map.

Roberth Sa 

do anno domini

ger du 

That was the one in the series that was a let down.

Nothing about it was rock hard, and if it isn't rock hard, why bother?

The Diaz 

Your housing blocks could use a lot of work.


Really liked these games..


These videos are amazing. Love all these 90s pc games. Sub


An interesting title of the series I have never tried


I got this one on sale about a year ago I think, it's on my list of old school city builders to play and review as well!

Ümit Yılmaz 

Nothing is more popular than baklava and baklava is not from Greece like pervert God Zeus :D


For anyone playing this game, there is a widescreen mod released on the /r/impressionsgames subreddit. Should be in the sidebar

Yigit K. 

baklava <3


Still have this in it's big box with flap that opens...!

Natiunea Jucatoare 

They also gave you more control when it comes to the distribution of the goods. For example each city has its own unique trading warehouse and you can finely tune the amount of goods that a warehouse or granary can stock.

And they simplified housing as well. Now you no longer need to upgrade a villa all the way from a tent, you just place them and voila! instant villas.

The game is really fun though thanks to the mythological aspect and the more lighthearted tone. Without it Zeus would have been a flop.