Gaming with a $10 Graphics Card?


This 10-year old GPU was $10...let's try it out!

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Lol Steam FPS overlay also didnt work....if it did I obviously would have included it. If you watch all the way through the video, MSI afterburner and Fraps would crash immediately as well.

de secret Doge 

can it run minecraft

Zeb1c & Katan1c 

3:11 really cool timing


surprised it can power your ultrawide

Peyton WDYM 

I bet 10 years ago people were like “ WHOA NO WAY 20 FPS

Hamza Kalic 

who came to see if he was gonna play fortnite 😂😂


wtf what are the specs though

Hades Ian 

and here i am complaining about my 1050ti

Adriel XD 

Not bad for play shadow fight 2

Sai Ram 

Man I'm playing games at 21 FPS on my laptop. Can't afford a PC. Someone, please help me, please. I never played a game more than 25 FPS.

Rowyn Gaming official 

can it run -fortnite-


I hate fortnite.


My pc has an easy open thing on it so if I need to open it I can just press a button and the case will open

Lida Valentin 

At least it is a graphics card

TheGamingCamper - Minecraft and more! 

Try having a 3400 series that only gives about 10-15 fps on cs

Js Jammer 

I have a 70 dollar pic, and a 500 dollar graphics card, help me


This did better than my GT 730

Doishy Poni 

Better than my I N T E G R A T E D G R A P H I C S

Gomez G 

Lmao not gonna lie my 10 year old card just broke, cheap cards are not tht bad tbh



Rohit A.S 

There’s no link in the description! I wanted to buy one


This is the gpu my computer has, its prebuilt, it’s just.. there. It exists within a plane I don’t understand


That was the first "gaming" graphics card I ever bought. XD


I dont get it???? Can it run Minecraft?

Allen To 

This is now older than me


Better than I expected for GTA 5 though.

/ ice_wallow_come 

Get GeForce now, it's awesome

Bradley Peate 

dinosaur ! :D

Can Die 

this runs WAY better than my integrated gpu

Kevin Alois Deus Pastl Montarroyos 

You know you can activate to show the FPS from Overwatch in the Videosettings.


Shit ill take it


But... Can It run crysis?


dude do you know that CS:GO and overwatch have internal FPS display? What kind of a tech geek are you?

Alpha Movies 

bro i am a buy this graphics card and this graphics card price expensive because my country graphics card import.

Maurice Searcy 

Nice video man on that card

Zayden Manton 

Much more fluid?, I think you meant to say fluent.


I guess u play by your intel hd graphics hahaaha!

3.14Thon gaming 

i have the gt 710 2GB what should i replace it with?


3:11 so why did i think he reloaded the gun 🤔

Janko Kinčeš 

Try sli

Maarij Lain 

pls suggest me a cheapest graphic card for playing fortnite should i upgrade my 4gb ram


This Graphics Card Is Just Like abuse to your pc.

Object 704 

But is it faster than a piece of *_CARDBOARD_*


"Looks like GTA3 on PS2" Are you kidding me? Go look at some screenshots of what that game looked like and rephrase.


Waiting for 10$ gtx 1080 in 2027 then a gtx 3080 ti for 20$ in 2037 lmao

Plexeezda YT 

7:26 How gta5 feels on the ps3


when csgo runs better than ur 2016 macbook pro

techno gaming sujal 

That graphic card

techno gaming sujal 

Bhai pls give me


i cant even get 20 fps on cs 1.6


omg i have an intel celeron n3350 and i get 20 fps AND YOU GET 60 FPSSSSSS WTH