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Games Within Games in Your Dungeons and Dragons Game

We delve into enriching a D&D campaign by adding different forms of entertainment to the gaming world.

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I always put in the option for my party to go into gladitorial games or into dice games against other people. This one time the party barbarian was so drunk he believed his wizard friend that the merchant he was betting with was cheating. My character proceeded to beat him silly take all of his gold and his clothing, then the wizard bribed the guards to look the otherway. And we got away with it lol.


I've done this A LOT. It's not super hard to come up with stories around gambling, especially in an urban type game. In a low level context, you could have the PCs be associated with the arena or gambling den, which can grow over time. I indeed wrote a basic set of gaming rules for D&D that was based very loosely on 21 (or Baccarat) but incorporated player skills.

We've also played a good bit where gladiatorial combat also fit in. In one game I'm in, one of the PCs is based on a gladiator from Spartacus (the TV show that was on for a while). The analogs of the Romans have not been happy he's free and causing trouble. More than once we've been hooked into arena combats as he got challenged. Those were REAL fights, though, to the death.

I've run races, performance competitions, and other things, too. They really add to a game and get it off a "save the world" track, which is a total cliche.

One thing you should definitely do is put in some NPCs that players whose PCs wouldn't direc

Benjamin Frost 

Gladiatorial Arena's people die in.....not much to be acted out there. *shrugs* a good point you made with the video just didn't like the attempt to turn Gladiator Fights into Theater like pro wrestling. They don't pretend to kill someone in a wrestling match...they just pin or submit them. Even then it was so hard to convince people it was real they started enforcing it was fake on the outset.

Mammoth Bronco 

I have always been a huge nerd, but tried to hide it for so long.... It's great to see stuff like Nerdarchy, makes me proud to be a nerd! Awesome video!


I have a world building idea of different kingdoms based completely on each class, any ideas on how entertainment could help define each one? (Also, I’d love some name suggestions)

Cody Bagelstein 

Reminds me of how one of my players on a online game ran a gladiator business in this Venice/Rome city or how he organized lavish games by sponsoring towns to gather many people with sticks and leather armor and have a game of football meets mock combat where the goal was in a town square and the other is in a neighboring town square.

Brian Goslin 

Dont forget Cards

Drakkonus Frostburn 

Please post a link to your Aetherball rules. Please 🙏


Man you guys sold out.


Rat Ball FTW!!!!! XD that was one of my many favorite Episodes & Moments from that particular Nerdarchy Series, because it was so out of left field [sort of speak] that they really had to "immerse" themselves into their Characters to channel & think on what would their respective Characters do and how would they react & counter-react.


I made a set of rules for Jugging which is the sport from Blood of Heroes. My characters will be able to play if they want. I just need to get them out of Barovia before I can introduce it to them.


I like the improved sound quality and camera stuff

Matt Lynn 

Gnomish BattleBots? Chocobo races? Okay.


I recently wrote a drinking contest for my players, but I haven't had a chance for them to play it yet.

1 ring42 

One of our VtM sessions revolved around a street race.

René Henckel 

Amazing work as always. I try to change things a bit. A bit difficult because I run on R20. On a side note, are you ever going to make another mageforge? In love watching those. I personally made some dust that cast a cone of cold when blown.

Sirius Faerie 

I remember a story from someone else where they had a festival or something, and in it they had a big brawl, unarmed last man standing brawl. Their characters would sign up for it, hand in their weapons, along with all the npcs. mo magic was allowed, when the bell or whatever rang its a free for all. You got points for knocking people out and whoever got the most got a prize and then the last one standing got the title of champion and the big cash prize for that event. I dont remember all the details but only 2 or 3 of the PCs entered and didnt know exactly what they were getting themselves into so one of the casters entered and got knocked out which was funny.

James Collette 

Came up with this one while at work for my own game. Tell me what you think.

The Adder's Drinking Game

Two players stand at a table (not sitting) and start drinking extremely dangerous alcohol. In this scenario, it will be Adder's Blood which is a semi-poisoned whiskey (I'll explain in a second.) Both players must make constitution checks for each shot simultaneously. When a player fails a check, they are forced to stop drinking and collapse to the ground. However, each successive drink increases the DC by one (starting at 12 for the first drink). After six drinks, taking a seventh drink causes a major risk. If on the seventh drink the player fails, they must also make a death saving throw or potentially die. If the player is immune to poison, they still collapse and lose the bet because it is still very potent alcohol. If both fail at the same time, it is a draw.

I was thinking of adding a table for what happens after each drink, but one tends to know what happens when drin


Gameception? :D

Seth Clayton 

My game Sunday had a carnival in town with an undefeated champion taking on all comers. Barbarian and Fighter went 1 on 1 with her. I was worried the other players would get bored and tune out but they we're really into it and got excited when the Fighter got on a roll and looked like he was going to win

J Hansen 

I have a system of gambling not for just money but for magic items as well. In my homebrewed world buying and selling magical items is kinda illegal because if say the monarchs have a rebellion on their hands then a population armed with magical items would be the very thing they’d all dread.

So the gambling for magical items is held in a secret and shady underground ring


sounds boring. anything that makes the pc's the spectators is boring. you're not playing at that point, you're essentially just listening to an audiobook. Now stuff like games and tournaments where the player's participate can be fun, but actual 1v1 tournaments don't really work, because now 3 of the 4 players are doing nothing until the current match ends.

Mark Byrd 

Awesome stuff! What is y'alls favorite homebrewed gambling game in game? What is the concept? Mechanics?

John Hastings 

Like how Gladiatorial combat was used in the book ,War of the twins. Most of Cameron fights where closer to WWE stuff . Unless a powerful wizard get upset and a fighter dies or to punish someone their opponents weapon is real and the one they use is a prop. I love all the Dragonlance books


Actually I did once play a game in d&d I remember it greatly it was a talent show

I bench pressed a bugbear

I ran through a wall

I shaped a skeleton into a spear and there him into the atmosphere

Blue Fenix 

Here in Ireland we have a sport that has 3000 years of history and cultural significance called Hurling. It's said to be the fastest field sport in the world and for comparison has elements of Baseball, Hockey and Lacrosse. Players would use a somewhat axe shaped ash wood sticks to bring a baseball size ball between two posts on opposite ends of the pitch. It is believed that this sport was used to teach boys elements of warfare. The hurling stick being both axe shaped and similar to a shillelagh, the war weapon not the cantrip, the team work and that this was played with next to no protection.

Many other sporting competitions have history to war. Looking at half the sports in the Olympic games, they are competitions of skills found in a warrior or fighter of Olympia. Even modern day games like your own Gridiron football has elements of military teachings. Positions of defense, offense, timing and strategy.

To have a world filled with so much conflict as any in the D&D canon withou


These are some great things I need to incorporate into the homebrew campaign I am working on.

theresa ange 

Keep up the good work guys. I watch all your content but just recently subscribed. I've been playing since I was a little boy around 8 but now I dm and have been for a couple years now. Anyway love your content

The Git Gud Neighborhood 

Oh, thank you guys. This one's _super_ important, as stuff like this helps with world-building and giving characters more to do than fighty-fight stuff.

- Awsm Chimera