Game Room Setup & DIY Media Cabinet Cooling Fan Installation


Game Room Setup & DIY Media Cabinet Cooling Fan Installation

Back for 2017 we take a look at our Gaming area and give it a much-needed cleanup. We then install some cooling fans in the TV Media Cabinet.

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That fan holes look just freaking ugly :/. Hole saw is a way better for that.

Charlie Shakur 

can u get a little fan extention cable where u just plug them little clips in for someone not done wireing as got a little fan out a sky box and wanna use it on my arcade cab build as extra cooling ?

Honestly AV 2 

That's not a recip saw son, it's a multi tool. AEG is very upset now


sir ... where did you found the label stickers ? it's any play to buy those ?

bryan adaas 

Very cool custom design. But it seems like alot of work/cost you could of avoided just getting an AC Infinity AIRPLATE cabinet fan kit. Their designed specifically for cabinet cooling so their LCD control adjusts the fans cooling depending on how hot it is. Looks more professional and probably costs the same as buying all these parts in your set up.


Careful with that sunlight on your consoles.


I'm one for older games consoles, I actually very like retro games but don't call the newer consoles junky that just hurts man 😂

Arcade Ted 

I'm also going to eventually get a hydra scart switcher and an ossc :)

Arcade Ted 

I'll be giving my set up a good clean and tidy. going to use small cable tray to tie my cables to nice and neat. may as well make a feature of them :) greetings from UK :D

Franky P 

Nice Vid Daz


buy a tripod they are cheap


no disrespect but that room looks nasty ,

Charlie Cat 

Well done set up global. I'm glad you shared this with us. We need to see a Neo-Geo AES unit up there in the future. 8^).

Thank you as always kind sir.



is it me or do you seem to have a voice very close with "Tech YES City"?

nice work though! :)

GadgetUK164 - Retro Gaming Repairs & Mods 

Great job =D I do the same thing with labels on power supplies and video cables. Makes it much easier!


Nicely done, the fans are a pretty "cool" idea 😌. It made me smile as I use literally all of your kit; from the labels, to the component switcher, cheap upscaler & modded full console collections (everdrive, gdemu etc). I zip tie all of my cables behind my unit to the shortest manageable length possible but they still look a bit messy when you have 10 consoles hooked up at once lol. My OCD I guess ha.

Oh I've started to notice some interference with my component switcher (faint grainy speckles on screen) when using the PS2,Wii,OG Xbox have you ever noticed that with yours? Was wondering if what you said about the scart switcher interference could be happening with my component switcher? All 3 are always hooked up to it

Dennis Fleaman 

''The dreamcast 1 of the best consoles ever made '' QFT  !! Nice setup,this gave me motivation again to clean up my room.

James 76 

Looks really nice and tidy now:) Great idea with the cooling fans, Speaking of cooling its freezing here in the u.k and that sun is making me jealous!


I have the problem you're talking about, the widescreen on the CRT with my megadrive 1 but I have no setting on the TV to have it fullscreen

It doesn't do it with the megadrive 2 nor the snes or any other rgb console I have which is weird.


they stopped production on the xrgb mini without announcing a followup, so it might be worth getting one sooner rather than later with price hikes the usual trend with things in limited supply. But then again micomsoft just could be keeping quite the sell off the older product before talking about a new one.

Atsuro Kihara 


That's such a cool setup! I love what you did with the fans! Watching your videos makes me want to learn about electronics ( ´ ▽ ` )b

Can you do a video more about telivision and retro video game. You did a good cable video. Itried pluggin my PS2 into my HDTV with component cables, thinking the cables were enough, but it still lagged :S

Is CRT the only way? If so, is SCART or component better for CRT?

Keep up the great videos!