GALAXIAN2 ENTEX ELECTRONICS Hand-held Game & Box 1981 Bonus Galaxian | Collection THX1138


This video shares my original 1981 Galaxian2 electronic head-to-head game by Entex Electronics of Compton CA made in Taiwan licensed by Midway. I show Solo gameplay, clips from my Galaxian 1980’s arcade game from my Cedar Point amusement park’s main arcade video on which the game is based on, POV from the Galaxian’s side, Instructions on the Unit, Closeups of the electronic screen, Single player controls, Galaxians player controls, Closeup photos of the unit, Packaging detail photos, and a bonus clip of the Galaga sequel to Galaxian arcade game at Cedar Point.

Topics:  Gaming
Jim Miller 

I got this for my birthday when I was 9, the year it came out. I had it for a week. My best friend borrowed it for a weekend and when I got it back, one of the fire buttons didn't work.

neco simpson 

One of many toys that i dismantled, to "see how it works".......



I remember having my mom placing the Galaxian2 on rain check back in 1981. I waited for 3 months until we got a notice in the mail that it was available for pick up. It was my first arcade game ever and it certainly prepared me for a lifetime of electronic challenges.

bosko's toybox 

never knew this handheld existed. it's a cool look, but I prefer your commentary over the video. it would be cool to hear you talk about your opinion on this handheld or your arcade days. but still good job.

Count Stankus 

Very cool game man. I miss thee old games very much. My brother and I never had this one!


Good stuff--one of my favorite retro games


Nice video! I had one of these as a kid and loved it. I don't have any handhelds that I enjoyed as a kid, however I did pick up Blip! and Super Armatron (a dual stick robot arm) recently and put them in front of kids, and they like them a lot.


Wow that brings back memories I had that exact game and wish I still did I loved it! The only other game I had as a kid that I liked as much was an electronic game called Dracula it was a big red hand held unit.