Future Endeavors - So Much More

Erik Reyes 

Does anyone have the lyrics ?? This song is soo good

Cam Charles 

First off, your shit is awesome and keep on going up and up even without Rest Repose. And I know you've heard it a million times, but even though smoking might not have had an obvious affect on your voice yet, it will. Not trying to tell you to stop, just wanted to say it even if it's not the best thing to say. I hope all the best though and hope you keep making awesome shit man.


Still find myself coming back for that chorus.

james Gordon 

mate you voice is killer dint know you play guitar or bass either love from the U.K.

Plargus Squeeze 


David Ellis 

Don't fear following your hart...

Andrew Howatson 

Rr music starts at fathoms and ends at your throne. That’s bullshit man! You best get back to heavy heavy metal. On Truth We Choke is my favorite album ever made. Keep making music don’t quit! I no longer have a favorite band you have to bring me back a new one

Tadpole the drummer 

Dude this song literally just inspired me to write an ep for my channel builder05. Thank you for the inspiration.

Big Boss Monster 

What effect is that on the verse clean guitar

Mike Dixon 

So his playing is better than.....( fill in the blanks.) Call it like I see it or in this case hear it. Good song killer vox. Subscribed.


Your voice 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Devils Of America 

A good frontman is hard to find; in my opinion Tanner has the skills to pay the bills. I saw you in Toledo with Rest, Repose, and brother you NAILED IT! And for anyone who doesn’t believe me check out the last two minutes of my podcast where Tanner is featured, singing like a beast. He could lead DOA’a vocals ANYDAY 😎🤘👍🏻 https://youtu.be/c7JYJYX7ots

Lukas Lawler 

When I first heard your voice in Rest Repose, I thought "This guy is gonna bring them to levels that Vince would never take them to." I had never heard anything you had done in the past with Dryseason, the first time I heard your voice was the Generator cover you put out, but you added something to the band that I don't think they will ever be able to get back.

Edgardo Morales Mendoza 

I love this song man!

Joshua Day 

Continuing to support you, Tanner. You're an amazing musician as a whole. I can't wait to see what amazing things come from you in the future. Much love, brother.

Matt Elrod 

I was looking forward to meeting you in fort worth. I'm still going to the show but I'll miss you

Big Boss Monster 

Gosh I can't stop coming back to this song


Omg this is amazing. I really only started listening to rest repose when you joined because I loved your vocal style. Keep up the great work!

Kyle McInroy 

Great song. Love every bit of it. I hope whatever is in line for you next is just as good. Keep up the great work and you’ll go far.

J Krunch 

No clue what happened between you and the band, but you're mad talented and took Rest Repose to new heights. I sincerely wish you the best with whatever project you pursue next.

Jason Castro 

Holy shit!

Enough said…

Lugnut vs. Games 

I'm looking forward to what the future has in store for you. This sounds amazing! It's pure talent and raw emotion.

big mike 

alot of good talent wasted.because if you dont shock people with your music and get their attention then you aint got shit.and your music is not worthy of the gods. so forget about recieving big pay checks for the rest of your life!!!keep up the good work guys.

Mindless Guitarist 

I just watched your Livestream on Instagram, you are awesome man!!

P.S. I was Josh Swan i commented a few times XD

Dauntless Adventures 

Dude... kick fucking ass!!!

Max Amsden 

Dayumn dude! Awesome. If you were in my area I'd kill to jam out with you.

Tanomi G 

New song! I'm so happy! I'm amazed how you transform emotions into the music. Your voice is fantastic


Damn dude, this stuff is solid. Thanks for sharing it with us!


Fucking love this! I'm sorry to hear about RR brother, and I hope there's no bad blood as I love you all, but I really need to hear more of this!! Your voice is fucking beautiful! Keep it up bro!

Vincent Kiewiet 

Fuckin gnarly man

Mitch Morris 

Amazing! 🤘🏻


This sounds huge, really good stuff man

Hog Blockula 

This is so fuckin sick Tanner

Booger RS 

Fuckin awesome!!!!

Kelsey Tucker 

Dude this sounds amazing! You have killer vocals and this was all around an awesome song. Also that chorus is catchy, I love it. Keep up the great work! 🤘🏼

Ryleigh 11 

Do we have a release date? this project will be one of the greatest I’ve ever heard. You are definitely my favourite singers of all time and a very talented guitar player :)


awesome tanner! good luck in this new project, it will be a killer one.

Nate duffy 

This is incredible man. This is insanely epic. I want more.

Maxwell Fuster 

Hey man, really dig! Only thing I’m not in love with is the panning on the guitar parts, just sounds a little off and it’s a lot to concentrate on. Kinda left heavy, really there were a lot of parts where it would’ve been nice in both ears. But other than that sounds very good.

sandy Lucker 

This is aMAzInG

youth of The past 

NEED A SPOTIFY RELEASE! Seriously this is incredible, so sad your not in Rest anymore, they're loss man.


Nailed it! keep it coming man!


God damn. Shots fired! They’re gonna have to come with some No Vaseline type jam, because this is badass man! I gotta admit, I was a big Vince fan and it took a little time to come around to your vocals but damn I’m on board with this here for sure.

It sucks that the best writing comes with anger and hurt. I haven’t written anything good in about 10 years because I’ve been happy.

Best of luck in the future, sir.


damn dude i just found out you got the boot. imo your voice made the band. sorry it didnt work out, looking forward whatever comes next from you, and in the mean time ill be playing "fathoms" on repeat.

Gene Finocchiaro 

You're so talented dude!! Great song Tanner!

Mike The Gmod Foamer 

Fuckin killer. Absolutely love the effort you put in. Pls don't stop

Lexi D 

Sounds Amazing Tanner cant wait to hear more, much love 💖

Ryan Leatherman 

So uh...Spotify please? Thanks


Great song, love your voice/music. Enjoyed both Fallen Theory and Rest, Repose...will definitely continue to follow you with whatever comes next. Best of luck man!

Josua Stangl 

Nice ML3 Bea you got there :)