Funny Comparison American Jets Vs Russian Jets

Luigi Mario 1997 

Just another M16 AK-47 debate.

Music Life 

usa sucks , russia sawe world

Umesh Shinde 

This is an old video. The Russis have already mastered the Electronic warfare. Nobody is primitive. Electronic warfare is deceptive and may even define stealth planes. The game of becoming stealth will be overtaken by electronic warfare to a level where unmanned drones would take control of manned jets. Fear is of enhancing it with AI.

Fredrick Alcoser 

The Russian pilot was made to look like a goof ball obviously, but I don't see where there Air Force in inferior to the US. In fact, there idea of an Air Force seems like a very good idea. Just sayin', I don't know how much time our Air Force will have to clean the airfield when the shit hits the fan. I sure wouldn't want some pre Madonna aircraft that can't take bubble gum wrapper in the intake.


Meanwhile in Russia: Everyone has healthcare

Meanwhile in America: Veterans can't get proper treatment

But we're still "#1" lmao

Mark Smith 

*FOD Foreign object debris 😒

Ryan Goshen 

Good night this video is irrelevant now. Besides any mig engine is going to be built like 1500lbs bore.

lion lion 

I think this video is part of a cold war


That explains why Su-27’s make Ford’s look reliable with how many issues those planes have.


Old video that doesn't apply to modern day. They went over russian planes having grates in their intakes but they didn't show an example of an American jet, so the fact that the United States puts such a high value on the upkeep of their airfields doesn't mean that American fighter jets can't handle less than ideal conditions. It just means they value upkeep more than Russia, so now Russia looks unfavorable in that comparison compared to that video where they just shit talked American military doctrine. The real reason Russia has shit airfields is because they don't have the economy or the budget to improve their airfields, nor build "fine watches". You want a real example of Russia's military standards compared to the US, why not just take a look at Russia's shit navy and the deteriorating Admiral Kuznetsov.


Never believe the Russians cannot make fine weapons. Never believe the US cannot make fine weapons also. They are built for different purposes, and both fulfill those purposes well. I pray we never find out what a conflict between our two countries would be like.

Tom Dakin 

All the people mentioning 'Bias' are just the usual brain washed Americans.

Jeremy Mcilvaine 

I don’t care about either sides pros and cons. If I could go back in time and relive my life, I’d do anything and everything to fly for either side. Being a fighter pilot is the very best thing I could ever want.

Mayden HollyWood Mayden HollyWood 

could you imagine if AMERICA and RUSSIA were allies OMG

Mayden HollyWood Mayden HollyWood 

OMG I FUCKING LOVE RUSSIANS BRO they are so blunt not for play and brutally honest

Jed Clampett 

Our Military Industrial Complex never, ever sleeps! Always need an adversary and if there isn't one, MAKE ONE! The day Russia & America start launching at each other, you better be on Mars as an observer since there won't be much left here.

Most Sincerely,

A US Navy Vet from way back.


Whats so funny about this. Its actually very accurate.

chad fancher 

The Russian pilot is ill informed about the US aircraft


Precision and range is all you need, who cares how rugged your plane is when it's being hit by missiles launched from way out of range.


This is an amazing throwback to the cold war. Hope no one takes this seriously now.

Eventually Sa 

Where you go madam?


Is Stacy Keach the narrator?

Bryant Zerrato 

Stripped blue angel...bullshit

John Pitt 

Pretty or not there both gonna kill ya


Russian military hardware are the chuck norris of America but real not fiction


you can land this plane on its fuselage. duct tape the gears back together. and send a poor russian bastard back up in it

Infamous Ctown 

Mutha ruuaaaaashaaaaa muthaaaaa fucccckaaaa go RUSSIA love my country 🇮🇪..... what you did not see that coming ?🤣🤣🤣🤔

Infamous Ctown 

Dude said "you cant break this plane " meanwhile dudes in background tryin to rub sticks and stones to start that mfer lol

John Sikes 

"To the Russians there's an undeniable logic behind the mess"..yeah... they are slobs. ;-)

Hank Mardukas 

Russia has a GDP smaller than Canada and spends less on their military than Saudi Arabia.

Anybody suggesting they have superior technology to the States is a fool.

Not Racist 

Russians also have big hats

Eduardo Cazares 

Russians are not that sophisticated.

Александр Пермяков 

Пора пиндосам копать убежища, совсем обнаглели пидарасты ! :))


USAF: Drops precision guided munitions down the enemy's chimney

Russian Air Force: Empties several launchers worth of rockets in the general area.


I’m still thinking if I should get Fighting pilot job or MP in USAF. Flying those looks so much fun!

Robert Mackey 

What the hell is this communist propaganda?

Alien skullcollector 

That hat... I want it.


Lol... so many small minded assholes in the comments trying to feel like big men huddling together to belittle other people who actually makes them sweat. Y'all been brainwashed by the movie TopGun, in real aerial battles, the Russians would seriously whop your asses!

D Madej 

if a jet gets hit by even (1) missle, it's going down. USA or Russian, makes no difference. It all comes down to who hits first and that would be USA weapons systems. I'm sick as a taxpayer that we're in endless wars in the middle east all for israel. . . but at the same time it is a test bed for platforms. I Just wish the politicians would admit it. Also, we can hit an iraqi ring leader with a precision guided bomb dropped from a drone thats being controlled from an aircraft carrier, but we can't even land mine our own border

Buddy Thomas 

Pretty good points nailed here but like others have said it's like arguing a small block chevy vs a cummins both are bad ass just in different ways big differences

Abhi Shinde 

I am from India and my fav is su 30 mki

Slick Six 

Government's trying so hard to gain support against Russia 😃

Never ever mother fuckers

Putin doesn't like desert niggas and nether do i and the same for millions of others in the world so good luck with your propaganda shit.

Im not buying and i don't want to be oppressed.

Much support from the right in Britain ✌😃

Renegade BS 

I bet if he takes that hat off, he has crazy hair like the “Aliens” guy from History Channel lol!

Иля Попов 

Why america isn't try to enter in Russia to do some democracy ?


thats were our tax money goes to while the city crumbles the school are broken the trains are still in the 1800s everything is outdated the US has been hijacked by Warlords (the biggest criminals on earth)

Robert Jones 

Them yanks got the right idea,fine tune the fucker n take em out before they even get close enough to lock on with that 3rd world shit👍🏻. Then ya ain't got no worries about getting ya plain dirty!


Is the A-10 Warthog a Russian plane in asylum in the US?



Marius X4 

And todays russian war planes are still tanks, but now with computers....


Russians are crazy asf. But so are we, either way if it came to war nobody wins!!