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Check out the winners of the Subway Fresh Artist Series!

Elliot Glazer is hilarious, watch his videos!

Our Oscar Party at Phoebe's house, she's awesomesauce

And then Akilah showed up!

We also partied with Naomi

Naomi's Scandal series for Above Average -

Rae Sanni‎

I went to a taping of The Read for their 1 year anniversary. Check out the hosts and their hilarious podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud |‎

Kid Fury - |

Crissle -

Thanks Lewis & ...

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Aw, I wasn't in The Read: Live portion =(


I love your videos! +chescaleigh

Mario Rossi 

ooo cia tutt appost?


I love these FraNYC episodes!  Great reality TV.  You are awesome girl!

yiya peach 

I swear I just saw you on broad city! Darcy!



i'm home for spring break now. :( *cries*

Dominique DjeDje 

Fran! This has nothing to do with this video but I just saw you on Broad City! You were awesome!!! What a surprise cameo, love that show and love you. Keep up the good, funny work!!!


I was so ridiculously happy for Lupita and KidFury + Crissles this week. Have fun at SXSW!

Chris McFadden 

Great job, Fran! It's good to stay busy and get paid!

Camille Belcon 

work it out chesca

Mia Boatwright 

Wow. Austin Texas sxsw. I would have love to have a meet and greet with my happy 2b nappy sister. From Killeen Texas. Here is out link on Facebook!/pages/Killeens-Happy-2-B-Nappy-Hair-Group-Nappy-Headers/281507613192. Love you so much we be watching you in Afghanistan. Do your thing girl. Peace


Is there a official website or something for us to see the taping of The Read??


OMG my shoulder is in this FraNYC!!!! Thank you so much for coming to Portland, Oregon!!! Your talk was amazing and inspiring! #selfieparade


Would love to hear some of your key note speech +chescaleigh . Any chance of a sizzle reel :)

Sah'Rah's Journey 

OMG, nobody ever comes to Portland, Oregon... how did I miss you? I just can't believe that you were here and I missed it.


My Damn Channel still exists? I thought it died a quick death...

Semhar Negassa 

Work it out!


"I've spent the past few days in Austin..."

Well damn. I was in that area just a few days ago. :L

FraNYC looked like a lot of fun. I just love the spirit that comes with these events.

Rachel Marie 

I LOVE that you're doing FRANYC. The bonus is that I get to see what I'm missing all over my hometown ...uh.. O_o.  Anyway, WOW! Atlantic Centre is complete! The construction was still ongoing when I left in New York.   PS:  I was on the train here in Australia with some students from Portland Univ while you were at the symposium there.  One of the girls is a huge fan of yours. I only thought to do a selfie as the train pulled into their stop and they had to run off.  I tweeted you about it.  mmmmbyeeee!!!


Your Oscar party reaction was everything. I was grinning as if I was w/ y'all reliving the moment all over again. :) Keep doing you, boo Chesca!


Damn, and I thought I was busy. lol


great #Franyc  You are really inspiring. We need more women like you. Great role model and I love all of your channels.


Love this girl, so proud of her !!


loving these #FranNYC's.

Lys Monkey 

I love that the Doritos were shared.  #sharingiscaring

nilaja whitaker 

Ur awesome Fran!!  Travel safe ;-)

Magical Girl Makeup 

It was so cool to meet you and hear your talk! Thanks for coming to Portland and being so awesome! :)

KurlyMommy G 

I wish I had known you were coming to Portland, I would have come down from WA. Fun vlog.


get iiiiitttt


Wow, keynote speaker, awesome. I wish you continued success Francesca!


Well, your Oscar party looked more fun than mine! I sat on my couch between 2.30 and 6.00am (CET) with a laptop! Really happy Lupita won. Have fun in Austin!

s o u n d l y a w a k e 


Talia Allison 

Aaaahhhh. Yep screamed out loud and terrified my hubs and the dog. You are in my city. Welcome💓 Enjoy the hospitality, bipolar weather☁☀❄☔ and BBQ, the real stuff, not that Franklin's crap. I hope to see you.

Morgan Andreana 

Yay! All of my favorite people! I love Akilah, Crissle, and Kid Fury! And of course you, Francesca.(:

Love the vlogs!

Provoville Vlogs 

looks lime you ladies had a blast!!! Love the remix too lol