Frameline39 Trailer - San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival


Frameline39: There’s No Place Like Here...

The 39th San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival returns to the Bay Area June 18-28, 2015 to celebrate and unite diverse communities across an evolving cinemascape of innovative and socially relevant film. Commemorate legendary filmmakers, discover emerging talents, and join the inimitable community of festivalgoers that distinguish the world’s oldest and largest celebration of queer cinema.

Written and Directed by Joshua Grannell

Produced by Brian Benson

Dorothy - Peaches Christ

Wicked Witch - Heklina

Glinda the Good Witch - Peggy L'Eggs

Scarecrow - Mahlae Balenciaga

Tin Queen - Raya Light

Bear Lion - Dulce De Leche

Tin Queen Double - Edward Wright

Drag King Lollipop Guide - Nancy French

Drag King Lollipop Guild - L. Ron Hubby

Drag King Lollipop Guild - Frida K-Hole

Leather Man Lullaby League - James Dyer

Leather Man Lullaby League/Winged Monkey - Luis Paul Canales

Leather Man Lullaby League/Winged Mo...

Channel:  Frameline
SelenaCatGacha! Also roblox. 

This is amazingly good

Fred Fadungy 

Aids isnt working fast enough !

Gardenia Zuniga 


Fresh Haus 


victor bishopwilliams 

This trailer is the best ever!! Everyone involved in it.... a big thanks for making it so amazing and enjoyable. I am in love with Heklina and Peaches Christ you two should have your own tv show... This years Film Festival is going to be amazing.. !


Hope to have my film there next year.

Design Nurd Diego Gómez 

YAY! I made the storyboards :oO

Jesse Archer 

Bravo! So well done.

annecy kenny 



That was fun. It's on the same caliber as the Frameline 23 trailer, "Jesse Goes to Heaven". watch?v=6S1OG3jn66s

Michael Hildebrand 

This is wonderful!

Kevin Goebel 

Loved it! But why does Heklina turn into Shrek at the end?

Wilson Hardcastle 

Just. Awesome.

SF Mary 



Rod Venne 

Absolutely love this!!!

Suzanne Ramsey 

Flipping AWESOME!!!!!!

Tim Hyland 

What a world! What a world! Love it!

John Geluso 

This is AMAZING! Great job everyone!

Brandon Kizart-Haynes 

Peaches Christ is one of my favorites and this was sooooo good!

"Gurl! Look!"

Jayson Jaynes 

Loves this! Can't wait to see it on the big screen!

Andrew Slade 

This is FANTASTIC!!!