FL Might Waive Gun Laws During Riots & Hurricanes


--Florida might waive gun laws during riots.


--On the Bonus Show: David talks about the behind-the-scenes of the last 24 hours and previews the following week.

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Ace Diamonds 

this law is redundant if the shit hits the fan of course people are going to take their safety into their own hands.


A lot of things are waived during times of disaster, whether the law likes it or not!


Gun during riots... I saw that somewhere... Is Florida in the Middle-east?

Look, things get out of hand during a riots: the last thing you want is the rioters to have guns, because than you need to outgun them all.

Have a look at the Vancouver Stanley Cup Riots, a few years ago. The game finished around 10pm, rioters were rioting until 4am. The police was too-polite, sure, but they were also afraid of injuring people. Think about if the rioters had guns?

Also, if you follow game theory, riots should never happens. It's not rational at all! It's due to a series of "big bugs" in our brain. You want to talk about signal errors? Well tit-for-tat cannot win when a virus make the computer restart every god damn 5 minutes, and does not remember if competitors were helping him or not.


Anyone surprised that its Florida? I live there and we attract crazies from all over. Must be the suffocating heat...


they have to be armed so that they can shoot the hurricane


"bells of liberty" = The bi-lateral tinnitus of gun toting morons.

Cheshire Kat 

Well, Florida IS a mecca for retired people.

And elderly people DO have a higer rate of mental illness.



Damn, Florida. You scary!

Kyle Warburton 

More like everyone ears are ringing

rick paul 

Wild wild west


Welcome to Far Far West Somalia.

Ronin Dave 

You silly liberal, of course the bells of freedom are ringing out in Florida. The sound of American freedom is the sound of gunshots shot unrestrainedly, acrid gunsmoke is the smell of American freedom, and person freshly riddled with bullet holes preferably a bad guy or an indigenous person is the sight of American freedom


With this plus the warning shot bill makes for a lot of problems in the near future.  Pay attention kids, this is what happens when you don't vote in a state full of Tea Party Terrorists.

Nate Speert 

Sounds like a new potential intro for hatriot mail.

Zack Frailey 



Okay... so can Texas and Florida just make up their own little country? There is no reason for them to be a part of this country anymore and i dont want my federal tax dollars going to these fucking nut jobs.


Gun crime you say.....Check Chicago.


David Pakman is a fairy!!!


What seems "absurd" is that a law would need to be passed in order to retain rights already guaranteed by the constitution. Seems redundant but ok.


Most of the people in florida cannot even keep a cool enough head in a walmart checkout line.. how in the fuck are they going to not completely destroy each other during a hurricane..

They are literally going to turn a hurricane into a bulletstorm.


Because y'know people are the most rational and sensible during a major natural disaster.

jacob robertson 

I like it

Matthew Kiefer 

What pisses me off is that I ain't allowed to carry a sword.

You wanna talk immediate self defense? Sword.

Who's gonna fuck with a guy who has a motherfucking sword on his hip?

You swing a sword at an attacker and miss, and hit an inncoent bystander? How the fuck. I've got a sword over here and you were in arms reach, come on dude, you're joking.

Swords, that's what we need to not be restricting.

Deez Nuts 

That isn't what this law says, it simply says that those who legally own firearms, who do not have concealed carry permits, may carry their legally owned firearms concealed under certain extraordinary circumstances after the local or state government has declared a state of emergency. The idea being that in these extraordinary circumstances, police cannot protect the public so otherwise law abiding citizens should be allowed to carry concealed to protect themselves.

John Bowling 

So they want to change a riot or hurricane into an even more massive chaos? Speak about being blown apart during a wind (and a hail of bullets) storm. Time to NEVER, ever, ever, ever enter the state of Florida unless you have a death wish.


If you are a law abiding citizen why would there be any reason that you would not be allowed to carry in any fashion you desire? Your thinking supports guilty until proven innocent.


Still think the NRA is acting in your best interests conservatives?

I support the gay agenda 

I used to always think that NJ was the armpit of the US.  Obviously I have changed my opinion on that, and it's now officially FL.