Fishers, Farmers and our Coastal Communities | 21


From the fishermen who toil to bring home fantastic fresh seafood and the shellfish farmers who grow it, to the auctioneers and processors, fishmongers and fish fryers; this film showcases the rarely-seen world of the seafood industry of Northern Ireland through interviews with those who are at its heart.

"Fishers, Farmers and our Coastal Communities" provides a unique visual record of the fantastic produce landed daily into Northern Ireland's fishing villages; the stories of the boats, factories and retailers who process, market & sell seafood at home and abroad.

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This film has been made to celebrate the Northern Irish seafood industry and its communities and also to highlight key businesses, issues and interesting stories right across the supply chain, from catch to plate.

The project was funded by the EU and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Northern Ireland (DARD) through Axis 4 of the European Fi...

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