First Look Friday - Start Up Company Game - Lets Play (PC) Episode #1


Today is First Look Friday and check it out as we take a look at Start Up Company by Hovgaard Games. I am really starting to like these games because of the possibility of starting a software empire like in the days of the Start Up boom in silicon valley!

Check out Hovgaard Games new Game Start Up Company:

My amazing video editor Pech Gaming:

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Thumbnails Created By Toni Banks:

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Topics:  Gaming
SAS Productions 

bro this reminds me of i think it was called theme hospital or somethink like that where ya build ur own hospital and the view is the same but graphics looks better on this new game.


wow amazing thumbnail and the video too!


your company is doing so well XD I wish it was just as easty n real life XD jhahahahah Ni ejob also, what do ya think of mah recent one?

Gamer with Lyme 

Looks like a fun little game. I rarely play games likes this but think I would have a good time playing it.

ViZiO Music 

Awesome Job!