Firewall Zero Hour PSVR Lets Play: Rainbow Six in VR | PS4 Pro Game Play Footage


The wait is over. Come watch as i take Firewall through its paces and see if the hype was deserved.

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Paul Jones 

Iv just got this game for my son for Xmas , it looks like a very good game n it looks like i will be playing it more

Daniel R 

Is it worth to get aim + the game?

Liam Catterall 

Im getting a ps vr but i have a problem. My room was converted from a loft (attic) and have no room to stand as im 6,2, can you play this sitting down?


39:53 That aimong looks like Parkinson's disease


Looks like pass more time in the lobby than f****** playing the game. Always getting back in the lobby after one round playing, that sucks. Waiting to play all the time. Wait and wait and wait... only one game mode as well. Movement super super slooowww. However best game on PSVR so far. I give it a 6.5/10.

gavin davies 

This games so disappointing😢


It would be awesome to have a Battle Royale VR like this, but technology just ain't there yet. Maybe in next generation hardware.

Dayira alZahir 

3 hours i am playing now! Its awsome!

Brandon T. 

The arms and guns seem to be a little too high and a bit awkward but needs to be more near your level of where your gun is can your hands to feel more accurate. I'm not sure if it's me or my controller just felt like when I pulled the trigger didn't want to fire and this control is brand-spanking-new Barely Used

Vincent McCloskey-Ooi 

I'm at the 14:15 mark so I don't know if you find out later in the video, but you can physically crouch irl and you'll do the same in the game


Just preordered physical copy :D

L J 

How is gun tracking? My friend says it seems off? Also graphics quality.. you said multiple times it looks really is it compared to farpoint?

vr oculus 



It feels like rainbow six , I like counter strike more.


Thanks for the upload looks like a definite buy. Wonder what the bravo team zero devs think of it? That game was a massive disappointment.


i am so hyped for this dude!!!!! hell yeah man!