Film Publicity Part 4: Film Festivals (Web Film School 70)


FILMMAKING TIP #70: FILM PUBLICITY (Part 4, Film Festivals): SUNDANCE & CANNES TRICKS! Film Festival Circuit and Festival Route is where you will secure a Theatrical Distributor. Learn the costs & how to win Movie Awards. WIN FILM FESTIVAL AWARDS!...Let Dov S-S Simens show you how.

Channel:  webfilmschool

Why are you yelling and so angry? lol Also brings you to

joe Suba 

so glad i found your page I produced this film, and i a learning so much from you!!! thank you


'Lets get to the clip board" rofl YOU GO DOV ! Glad to of found you


Mr Simens, is there a market for selling screenplays for online short films like Freddie Wong, & other Youtube filmmakers?


I just finished watching all your videos. Took me three days to do so.


I thank you, Dov S-S Simens! Tyler Lord Hamilton

Whispers Closet 

i love this..glad to have found you

Steven T. Ungureanu 

awesome video & channel ... fellow filmmaker here , just started my channel a few days ago , will have my work up by friday , hope you can check it out & subscribe if you enjoy what you see..