File Share Migration



Migrating File Shares to the Cloud with CentreStack

Segmentation of File Share Data Locations

Despite the massive cloud migration movement, most data still live on local file shares. In a recent report, IDG states that only 33% of secure file sharing and storage data has been migrated to the cloud. Most interestingly, the surveyed organizations collectively plan to migrate another 39% of that data in the next 3 years but have no plans to migrate the remaining 28% of their data. They go on to quote similar statistics for other data types but the conclusions are the same, data will be split between cloud and on-premise locations for the foreseeable future.

There are a variety of reasons for this segmentation. For example, productivity and profit may drive some file shares toward cloud services, while others remain on-premise because of concerns with security, control and trust. This means that increasing b...