FBI Honors Internship Program


This video was produced by a team of five college students participating in the FBI Honors Internship Program. The Federal Bureau of Investigation hosts a selected group of outstanding undergraduates and graduate students from universities across the United States each summer to participate in an intense program designed to give them an inside look at the FBI.

Interns get to participate in FBI projects and make real contributions to federal law enforcement and counter-terrorism investigations. If you are a college student and want to know what it takes to become an FBI Honors Intern, you can find all the details at www.fbijobs.gov.

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Jarrod Williams 

Hello, I really want to become an agent, i'm only 21 right now, and was hoping for some direction? Ive attended some college, but didn't graduate, I decided Business Admin. wasn't for me. I am bilingual, and fluent, but obtaining the needed Bachelors' Degree is a milestone, is there some sort of program to utilize specifically for agents? Like, any direct educational process?

Karyna Isabelle 

I'm currently studying abroad (Statistics at the University in Munich, Germany). Will a foreign degree restrict me from participating in the FBI internship program?


Few people understand the wide gap between the image of a job and the actual job itself. .Actually,this system carries advantages for both companies and interns.For companies,it provides an opportunity to check how competent prospective employees are.If interns well,they are offered jobs before other graduates.Plus,interns can see whether a job is suitable for them or not.Subsequently they can chage their mind about what they want to do in the future.This is the FBI's so Mission's Possible.


I recently applied for the volunteer internship program and I was wondering when we could be expecting an answer? Also even if we are not selected for the program will we be notified?


For the Volunteer Internship Program, can you be in high school?

Aaj Solanki 

Hello. How many interns does the local branch take in every application process?


Thank you, I will definitely plan on applying next year then.


I'm a Sophomore in college and I am very interested in applying for the internship. I know the internship is available for Juniors and Seniors, but I was curious as to whether or not I would be eligible for the summer 2010 program, since I will have graduated from my Sophomore year and be a junior. Or do you have to be a Junior at the time you you apply? Thank you!


So have there been any updates on the status of the online application?


If you don't mind me asking, what is the deadline for applying? And is it essential to have a LOR from the dept head or dean? I could probably get one but they don't really know me like some of my professors. Thanks!

Lashelle Bain 

Hi, I'm an International Student from the Bahamas studying at The Art Institute of Charlotte. I'm obtaining my BA degree in Interactive Media Design which involves web, video, animation and graphics. For the past year I've been trying to obtain an Internship my GPA is 3.5. I was wonder will be consider to work as an intern with the FBI as an International student because for me the last year has been extremely hard trying to be excepted as an international student looking for an internship.



I am certified police officer in the state of Arizona. I have spent time as a patrol officer, but had to take a break from work due to some medical issues. I decided to become full time student while I receiving medical treatment. I have a 4.0 GPA and my major is counter terrorism and homeland security. I am looking at the CIA internships/co-op programs but am considering the FBI. where should I go to seek out this information? Is the FBI interested in a candidate like me?



I don't doubt your testimony. The sad fact is that the polygraph has become standard operating procedure for most federal tests. I"m sorry to hear that your experience was not good.

Why not apply for a different internship with another agency?

Trevor Morgan 

I'm seriously considering being a government agent in the future. But i'm only in my first year of college. Is there a way for me to get a jumpstart on a internship or some sort of program i can do becuase i beleive the FBI internships if for juniors and up?


I have applied for the Honors Internship Program, and my application status says that I have been referred for further review by Management. The website says that conditional offers are generally extended in November, but I still haven't heard anything. Will I be notified if I have not been extended an offer?

mr fete 

ok thank you

mr fete 

Hello right now i am in high school and i am intrested in being a FBI agent when i get out of college. My major right now is Computer Science/Computer Engineering/Information Technology. What should i do in my last two years of high school in prepration for the FBI.I know that earliest age is 23, what should i do in college so that when i graduate i can go right into the FBI.


I am a sophomore I college majoring in Criminal Justice. I am interested in the summer internship program with the Field Office in my home town of Pittsburgh, PA.

Robert Livingston 

How does the FBI contact you when they want to interview you? Is it by a phone call or always by a letter?

Robert Livingston 


I have my application down in Saltlake right now. We are still waiting on the phase 1 portion of the process. I have a couple of questions for you. I am a business major with a high gpa, do i have a chance to be accepted? Also is there anything i can do to help my chances by following up or is it better just to wait? Thank you!

silvia lesly 

I'm curious to know what is weighed heaviest in the application process: the essay, GPA, work experience... etc.


Thanks for this inside look into interning at the FBI. It has really helped me get a better idea of what interning would be like.