Fat Es Lone Star Grillz Seasoning 24x48 with 24 Vertical Smoker


Quick video to show you how I seasoned my Lone Star Grill pit after it arrived. This is done to help prevent rusting and to help cure the paint to the metal.

Channel:  Fat E's BBQ
Mick Cotton Bar -B - Q 

I just love the music in this Video and I just bought a LSG 20”x42” I can’t wait to get it. Thanks to You for a Great Video Merry X-Mas 😇🇺🇸

Knight Rider 

What's the temp difference between the chamber and the vertical while smoking? I'm assuming the vertical has a 50 degree difference. Great vids.

Randy B 

Good video man... only thing, you should’ve put plastic down in your driveway 😀😀


The griddle design on the fire box is nice bro its🔥

Moody’s BBQ 

Question for you bro I got my 24x48 LSG yesterday I wanted to put the Pam on it today and fire it up tomorrow after work. Do you think that would be ok or should I do all at once

Charles Gilmore 

How many briskets can you fit in the main chamber?


Awesome. More of this pit, please.

Denali King 

you have all that grill on those tiny wheels - I hope you don't have to move it through your grass - that's why I went with Shirley Fab smokers - they give you big nice wheels as part of the package


How do you think this grill compares to the Gator Pit?

Rusty KC 

Very very nice instructional video on how to season a brand new pit. Very cool seeing a father share his new toy with his son and letting the son take part in season it.

Chris Brewton 

Beast! Just like he said, superior craftsmanship and CS! A joy to cook on.. Look no further than LSGz!

TheCaliAmigo Jackhole BBQ and Motorcycle Shop 

Hey E, just discovered your channel and great video. I recently ordered a 24x60 trailer model with Santa Maria grill. Any additional tips on the break in will be much appreciated. I look forward to your future videos.

Jennifer McMillan 

That is a beast!

Jim A 

Hey Eric, I pulled the trigger about 2 weeks ago for my LSG. I got the 30" x 36" cabinet. Counting down the days for my late Christmas gift to myself. My son has a food truck so I will be keeping that cooking machine hot. Enjoy your vids, keep em coming. I would also like to see you cook with water.

Jenny M. 

Good stuff, Erick! -jen ✌️

Fat E's BBQ 

Merry Christmas everybody and Here's to a very successful and Happy New Year!!!

Manny Johns BBQ 

Good stuff, have a new pit as well will do a seasoning vid soon... subd.

Rusty BBQ 

Cool video! I finally found the pit I’ve been looking for ! I’ll be watching more of your videos keep them coming.

Terry Norton 

Hey Eric, love what you're doing and love your pit. Do you ever use water in the bottom of it?

ThisIsTheName IWantToUse 

Excited that I am a very early subscribed. Look forward to watching you grow. All the best


Good looking rig as others have said. I just ordered a Lang myself. It was a toss up between the Lone Star or the Lang...i chose the Lang because they're closer and the delivery fee was next to nothing. Keep the vids coming, love the content so far. (Sub'd)


Nice choice on the pit...I am going to go a head and sub and get in on the ground floor lol...looking fwd to the videos.

U Aint Red E 

Great looking pit!!!