"Fastest car in the world" vs Yacht | New Zealand Race | Top Gear | Series 20 | BBC


Jeremy and James head to New Zealand to take part in a race from the Coromandel Peninsula to the northern tip of the North Island. James had to cover 220 miles (350 km) in the America's Cup yacht Oracle, whilst Jeremy had a much longer 410 miles (660 km). The Oracle's crew was made up of James, Olympic gold medallist Sir Ben Ainslie and several America's Cup winners. Jeremy's Auris is a rental, thus "the fastest car in the world", and he has little regard for its safety... Taken from Episode 1, Series 20.

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Nikodem klk 


Fiat multipla

Darina Tavabi 

The Spaniel had to doggy paddle to the beach


I was living in Kaitaia, a town near 90 mile beach when they filmed this. People had been told that they came up north straight from Auckland airport on Sunday evening and that they would be racing a load of cars on 90 Mile beach on the Tuesday, there were people waiting at the beach with signs and the local iwi (indigenous tribe) was angry because they werent consulted.

What we didnt know was they went east to the Coromandel where the race started. People drove up to 90 mile people from as far south as Auckland to get a glimpse, on monday and tuesday morning, so when Jeremy came through on Tuesday evening everyone had gone home. The helicopter filming was done later (hence the car colour change story as to not draw attention. Only a surf board renter claims to have actually seen the real car racing through the river past the dunes.

According to some people who were on the beach at the time, James arrived something like 2-3 hours before Jeremy did (which is why its bright when jame

Thunder Lee 007 


Talal Theone 

7:06 lots of foot marks and 7:30 Jeremy arrives and there is less foot marks which mean coal and fuel won!!!

Levi Wrigley 

thing scrapes a wall and wants to die. where are the toyota fanboys

Chris K 

Jeff Foxworthy said it best: "Buying a used rental car is like going to a place of ill-repute looking for a wife. Anything that's been ridden that hard and by that many people, you really don't want to put your key in it"!



"Good afternoon"

"I have a small problem with my car, therewasamaniacaltractordriverwhouseddo70kilometersanhour, i swerve..."

Crea Siry 

lol, it was blue, wasn´t that ? noo it was red :)

Delorean DMC-12 

What is the song at 5:03


The length of a shore line changes depending on what unit you measure it in. Miles, or yards, or feet, or inches(Kilometres, metres, cm, mm.), it will get longer the smaller the unit used.

jose gonzalez 

Minuto 5:32. No se supone q el auto q le pasaron era rojo??🤔🤔🤔

Alex Vaugh 

“Still, could be worse.” Is my favorite line


02:47 Wow! Flying fish! Beautiful!

Yasser Mohamed 

Why top Gear stoped


7:03 when James reaches the flag pole, there are foot prints everywhere. When Jezza arrives at around 7:20, there are no prints in the sand... Who was really there first ?

ASMR Wizard 

Plot twist:

The tractor wins the race...


"90 miles-beach" refers to the speed limit I imagine


I live in new zealand acnd thats my school bus 😂😂😂

Swapnil Chandrakar 

at 2:47 you'll see flying fish


5:06 5:31


After that you can throw the car away or sell it on Craigslist. Old man drove it. Took care of it.

Andrei Săcăluş 

Drive it like you rent it!

Craig Anderson 

From the 90 mile beach website, "Rental companies won't allow their cars on the sand." Hmm.

Jan Sanono 

I dont know why but when Jeremy went into the rental car shop and said there was a maniacal tractor doing 70 km/h I burst out in laughter

Illuminous Gamer 

90 mile beach because you can do 90mph on it

Avery Hayes 

They should do a race with one of the shark boats that can dive and jump in L.A.

steven Chen 

What kind of Toyota is tht? Supra right? fastest car by Toyota is Supra forsure so it must be a Supra 2jz twin turbo with upgraded fuel pump lmao

Ethan Hufton 


Richard Ramis 

WORST DRIVER of the year.........

deividas123 asmena 

The prius is the fastest

Bence Radnoti 

All I can say is #lol

• CarGuy001 • 

“This is called 90 Mile Beach because it is *exactly* 55 miles long.”

Nathan Smith 

What do they mean it's the world's fastest car?


At 5.30, that B-pillar turned blue in a red car ? ;) nice edit...

Christopher Kempf 

"Where's my Rolls Royce?" - James May

Wiktor Blaszczynski 

5:30 the pillar is blue?? In a red car


Could I reach 20 SUBS

HK IronmaN 12 

7:50 when you realize you left your son at home with the stove on

Joshua Siregar 

5:30 the car turned blue again... Or my eyes were wrong

Kid gamer 

It would’ve been much better if Jeremy was on the yacht

Joe Gilmour 

What i don't get is that nz has a yhauting team


That Toyota will be pretty fragile after the impact, it'll probably only last 300,000 miles. Then the damage might need to be fixed.

Antonio J 

90 Mile beach is 55 Miles because 90KM is 55 miles

Naples Opti Sailor 

For those who do not know. When a sail boat jives, the tiller is pulled away from the sail. If the sail is on port side, you would be sitting on starboard. So, you pull the tiller to starboard. Vice versa. For tacking. You push the tiller to the sail. Away from where you are sitting. I know this bc I race Opti sailboats and have nearly won many races.

Boris Movies 

Fastest car?

Ben Sutherland 

5:31 anyone notice its blue again

eriveragt r 

Topgear sucks after the boys left for the Grand Tour

chris gee 

Love the running joke that if you turn on a radio in New Zealand all they ever play is the same old song by Crowded House.

Donovan Campbell 

The car probably could've continued going.