Fallout 76: Weapon Spotlights: Furious Minigun


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You should use the luck of the draw perk because when you get hits it has a chance to repair it

Sin of Sloth 

Anyone have some for sale ? Ps4

Turbo Speeds 

So super duper works with ammo?!

colin Richardson 

why u using batterys included its not a energy weapon

Draco Rahsinok 

I got an armor piercing mini gun that is pretty decent. Not the greatest but you do notice the increased efficiency.

Nba 12362311 

Where do you go to find all those super mutants

MrFuddy Duddy 

Shredder + Minigun in Fallout 76 is absolutely garbage.

Furious in Fallout 76 in general is garbage, as it only gives you 5% per hit and caps out at 50% where as in Fallout 4 Furious was 15% per hit with no cap.

Secondly Minigun was bad in Fallout 4? Did you not ever use a Lucky Minigun with the Shedder mods and Basher maxed? Or an Explosive or Furious Minigun? Minigun was OP as fuck in Fallout 4 if you had the right effect on it.

At a base it was trash but the Minigun was dank AF.

Lastly you can totally rev up the minigun with zero ammo(you have to have 0 5mm ammo on your person obviously otherwise attempting to fire it will force a reload) its how you used the Shedder Melee Basher build....

John Wesley Baker 

i think legends spawn more if you are higher level. as level 70 i dont get many but level 200 videos i watch spawn crazy legend

Rafael Santos 

Had a furious minigun just like this one, chewed up amunition like crazy and i do think there's some sort of damage cap on furious automatic guns such as minigun , gatling plasma and gatling laser because after a few hits the damage stops increasing. Realized i'd do more damage with a gatling gun and use less amunition, also it weights 20 pounds, sold it to a vendor..

sheogorath the Prince of Madness 

I wonder how fast a never-ending Harpoon Gun shoots. Are there even legendary Harpoon guns in the game or can you only build a Harpoon Gun? Also I haven't had much time to do very much research but is never-ending even a legendary effect anymore?

Fotachi george constantin 

- cool , now go farm ammo half a day to kill 10 mobs


You gotta try the shredder barrel, it cuts through enemies like warm butter. The furious effect probably be good with it.

I recently got an anti armor minigun with +40 bash damage effect. With basher rank 2 for +50% more even bash damage, it’s frighteningly powerful. Near instantaneously killing high level SM overlords and bloated ghouls.

Tons of fun. Terrible for durability but that’s why I carry 3 of them. Nocturnal for night time (very underrated) and a vanilla shredder. The anti armor one is absurd though.

Сергей Беловодский 

Minigans are very hungry, you can not leave the house with less than 10,000 rounds

wayfaring stranger 

The Minigun is as brain dead as a sledge hammer...

Lukas Leimbacher 

Shredding works without ammo. Does it work with furious?


My mini guns always breaks to quick even with maxed gun Smith


So what you're saying is my furious Gatling plasma is probably a pretty decent weapon

Sausage Soda 

Busnitest! Fucking class m8👍🏻

Lavinia Marigold 

Any good pistols you've found in your playthroughs? I only see one pistol video from you; FO76 seems to be lacking in legendary pistols of any worth.


I have a TSE one with Tri barrel if you want to try it

The neighborhood meme man 

Attach and try using a shredder with no ammo and run up to a level 91 death claw, so how fast it kills:OP

Martin Gonzalez 

A furious explosive with 25% faster fire rate or double or quad explosive 25% faster fire rate sounds fun.

Martin Gonzalez 

Imagine a quad mini gun 😂

Joel Haslam 

Am I the only one that seen a legendary 3 star ghoul in the which he didn't loot

Neo Chong 



I used a zealot's minigun on the scorched queen, with stabilized and all heavy gunner cards it was doing pretty well.

Philip Wilson 

would a Furious Gatling Gun be a viable weapon? I got a max level one somewhere and was wondering what it's worth.

Doge 7 

I feel like furious gatling gun is better.


i have a furious explosive minigun. only really use it on the queen.

LostZombie265 - 

Bethesda didn't ban people for crafting those people faked the post


Could u please turn off that Discord on creating a video? Its so annoying to check messages every 30 seconds on my Discord and even listening that sound.

No Name 

Minigun ... more like how-to-loose-10 000 ammo-on-a-single-gun

Caprex 1101 

Lol i left school for dis!!

Anonymous person 

Im still wondering why there was no ammo crafting in fallout 4

Coated trash 

I got one of these with faster fire rate, absolutely melts!


Seems like a fun weapon with all those rounds flying everywhere. Oh my, the mats needed...Spend the week acquiring the mats to make bullets for one session of gaming. It was shit in F04, they still are.


Man imagine a quad minigun! That'd be awesome. :D

Kitty hawk 

Did Bethesda fixed the energy weapons durability because I really want to play with my gatling laser


I was wondering where the minigun spotlight video was


I enjoy the minigun just wish that ammo could be more per craft. Also could you cover a pistol build/weapon? Please :(


Showcase a furious Mr. Haddy buzz blade. It wreck to Queen. Check my channel. To see what it will do to the Queen. Ps. This is not to promote my channel its just for to let poeple know this will be the next thing for killing the Queen easy

K. Murakami 

Good stuff Cap'n