Fallout 4 #20 - "Cambridge Polymer Labs"


A sad story full of lies, deceit, and ultimately, good intentions.

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Chloe Carver 

Ribcages galore in this episode! The first shows up at 11:07 , followed by one at 13:01 and a moment of Grit searching a skeleton and pleading for ribcages at 20:22 , then finally one at 22:25

Nemesis__ X0l 

No of you finish the experiment you still go in there

Professer Xavier 



ghouls are so unskeaky. they are laying down have the time you walk up on em... he just walks not in sneak mode everywhere


the thing is that the polymer hidroxide is the whole point they were locked in.. they found it, but it was already so irradiated that it killed them all. later task force 55643 found them and sent an atomic android to recruit new people to lock into the cleaning chamber, but nobody can follow procedure 335623866 to make it possible to make the armor.

blue line gaming 

Plz do a fallout 3 let's play

Tyler Grisham 

Stephan you did it man... good job

Joey Hall 

What is with Bethesda and random rib cages and vertebraes

Joey Hall 



How can a robot whistle?


Stephen always seems to over think puzzles... it's a bethesda game, not zelda. also he should think to look up for traps a bit more.


Died laughing at 4:01

Sassy The Sasquatch 

Stephen you kill me every time you see a rib cage XD

John Doe 

4:04 That brings new meaning to the words "Fist Fucking"

dorian solomon-miller 

Why didn't you see what the other samples were also you could have tested them all to see what they do

Elroy Vuurtoren 

I got the indiana jones refference with the hat and the "I'll see you in hell"

Anton Fowler 

stephen dont know if you will read this but if you finish the project without setting off the security molly will take you to the director to get your bonus 300 caps when he attacks her she tells him off for invadeing her personal space when he is dead she tells you that with the project finished you are now redundent and shuts herself down quite sad really


leave the nuka colas but please don't leave the nuka cola quantums. cus ther cool


This is one of the more memorable quests in the game, for me, since it's got several stories going on at once, and because it forces you to pay attention by locking you into the lab.

Jane Worrell 

Catching up in the series

Vana Printer 

Definitely one of my favourite locations in fallout 4.

Barbara Lively 

Okay I missed something, whats up with the love of rib cages?


3:59 to 4:34 NEEDS to be a memorable moment.

Jason Garcia 

A few days after completing this.. I came across a floating robot advertising that Cambridge Lab is now hiring... just curious to know what the purpose was... can't seem to find advert robot online. great vids!

Allistor Richards 

From what I've been told Nuka Colas can actually be made better than Stimpaks in Fallout 4 Steven, which is why people get upset when you leave them behind. I believe it's a perk specifically that helps with it, but they become EXTREMELY cheap and easy health restoration.

Nicole Smilie 

4:03 - 4:26 Oh my, I can't stop laughing! What?! Dude! :D If that isn't a memorable moment, then I don't know what is!

Benjie Abaca 

4:03 LOL


Can someone help me out? I got Fallout 4 for PC and I can get the game to start and do the opening cut scene, but at the character creation i goes down to 2 FPS. Every setting is at low and it still sucks. I dont want to get a new graphics card or PC. Help please.



Aiden Kieth 

go out into the ocean on the otherside of the city there's a garbage barge go to it and a surprise will pop out of the water on the opposite side


please do the story line


can you just do the story? I want to know more of the people of today, not just things that happened when the nukes dropped a long time ago.

Michał Paluch 

Edward Penishand? Anyone? No? Ok...

Angelus Fallox 

hey homie, codsworth can hack master terminals. just sayin.

also shitty spelling i know =D


Am I crazy or is feral gool blood like hot pink?

Your Pal, Ral! 

Just let the ghouls brush Grit's hair! That's all they want.

Crippled Gamer 

Stephen, spraying and praying will only get so far. You need to be using VATS more. :(

Tyler Barth 

Grit further explores the Cambridge Polymer Labs he's been trapped inside of, and with some valuable information, learns some sufficient backstory about the downfall of scientists Jon Elwood, Ericka Woolum, and Wilfred Bergman. He then manages to combine lithium hydride and gold samples to create Piezonucleic Power Armor. After searching for a escape route, Grit finally locates some pipes on the ceiling that allow him to drop into a research room. From there, he is able to unlock the lab doors, but is forced to put a hostile Molly down. Before leaving, Grit discovers the director's corpse and his final terminal entries. #cambridgepolymerlabs

Skydiving Panda 

I'd wait Boston Public Library off for now. You'll get a quest to go there eventually. Honestly, I'd go to Diamond City and do stuff there.

Matthew Jurkiewicz 

I think between episodes you should make sure everybody has a hard hat. Because what more do the citizens of Sanctuary need?


4:07 Gives a new meaning to handjob. Yikes


interesting, in new veges, drinking a nuke cola gives u 50 health, bottle cap, and no rads


Hey Stephen, The Boston Library is part of a quest that you'll get later. I say you should hold off on exploring that till you get the quest. The start of the quest is located in Goodneighbor.

shivang patel 

fallout 4/20

Alex York 

Micellaneous tips!

-I don't know if you ever plan on using chems, but grape Mentats are amazing. Addiction is easy to cure in Diamond City for a few caps, and the charisma boost from the things is absolutely insane. Berry Mentats are nice, too, since they basically replicate the Detect Life shout from Skyrim.

-Since you want to boost your intelligence to get Science!, I'd highly recommend Scrapper, too. You'll get a lot more out of the weapons you find if you do, and level 2 makes it much easier to find marked materials.

-Be sure to mark the Fiber Optics in those microscopes; always good to keep those on your radar since they're pretty rare and necessary for building both scopes and laser traps and mods.

-I wouldn't be surprised if someone's mentioned this already, but try investigating the unmarked area east of Oberland for something cool. You'll know what you're searching for when you find it, but from what I hear, you might have to check back a few times if nothing turns up.

rubricwinner 362 

I wonder if Stephen is gonna use that chest piece for the burning sea


trinity tower its close to diamond city i recommend it

TC Gamer 

Do a little more on the main quest


I do believe in every fallout, there has been someone who pays good money for Nuka Cola. I would say that would be a good reason to pick those up just in case you run into that person.


Regent (re-gent): A person who governs a kingdom in the minority, absence, or disability of a sovereign

Reagent (re-a-gent): A substance or mixture for use in chemical analysis or other reactions.