FAIRFORD RIAT 2012 The Stealth Bomber in HD


That's a UFO.


Giles - "We have a B2 scheduled to take off in this time slot"

William - "Good have a large plane taxi at the same time and block the crowd trying to view that on the left"

Giles - "Very good sir"

William - "pip pip cherrio"

zachary fitzgerald 

Great vid well done


thanks for your comment.the camera is a canon HF R38 it does a good job.funny enough that day was very dull and it still did ok.its like any camera feed it with light and they perform even better.as far as after burner checkout my sonic boomers on the same day.it loves after burner and so did the sound.thanks again talk soon.

James Innes 

Awesome video! What camera did you use? and could it cope with the jets afterburning?


lol, those b2's never go anywhere without their f16 escorts.

Jason Wells 

one of the best videos ive seen from riat