Facebook Analytics vs. Google Analytics - Which is better?


Facebook Analytics has been introduced to give new insights on the data that is collected via the Facebook Pixel. Is it better than Google Analytics? What are the differences or similarities between the tools? Let’s find out….

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Joe Dirt 

Hello good sir, is it possible that you do a update video. *** new sub alert ***

Shi Shane 

Hi Julian, Thank you for sharing! Could I ask a question?

Comparing with GA, whether Facebook Pixel only can analyse the lead/data from Facebook Ads or from different sources like GA?

Sandrene Zhang 

Can you add a subtitle to the video? My English is poor.

Deserie Labastida 

In GMB you can customize the report: Impressions-Reach-Actions and so on. How do I ask for the same customize report for year after year? I don't see the same titles such as Impressions, reach, actions, are they titled different but mean the same?

Le Tuan 

How can i know behaviour of customers on facebook after leaving website?

hashtag analytics 

Hi. What happens if the user use the FB app and did not sign FB in any of the mobile browser. How does the FB pixel fires when the user use mobile browser (without FB signed) visits a particular site with FB pixel installed?

Louis Hunt 

Hey Julian! I would love to know if you have a way where I can find out how many of my re marketing purchases or conversions were generated through my other brand awareness campaigns? Remarketing purchases could be anybody who has visited website, but I want to know how many of the purchasers initially came from paid social / my other live campaigns. Do you know a way?


I'm actually using both and trying to get insights from both. I'm feeding them the same info, and trying to see what I get from one over the other.

Bobbie Hennessy 

I am presuming we can use birth simultaneously?

Michael Wyz 

Can you compare google analytics with lets say.. click magic, or cpvlab, or click metrics. Thanks

Very in depth video. Well done


is he donnie yen?

Tanja Mullarkey 

Julian, deine Videos sind echt super! Vielen Dank!

Jim Banks 

Facebook Analytics works well for managing your Facebook ecosystem items.

It's not just for advertisers, every Facebook Page has Facebook Analytics, every App has Facebook Analytics and if you create an event source group you are able to see the impact of things like Messenger Chats in respect of how many people started a chat and then went on to buy.

It also does a better job on cohorts and funnels.

stanley chukwu 

Are there any other ways of implementing facebook pixels on a site? Adblock currently blocks facebook trackers! so most tracking will be inaccurate in facebook with users with adblock

Harry Hawk 

FBA is great for Omni-channel tracking... including offline conversations

Harry Hawk 

For attribution between reactions and other engagement metrics.. I like FBA... or for basic "mix panel" like funnels... also FBA..

RJ Cooper 

Got any insight as to how Adobe Analytics will stack up next to Google Analytics and FB Analytics. It may just be too different a market(being related to Behance for designers), or too new to tell, right(having just come into play in the last year-and relative to a more finite category)?


Thanks for the video! Google must also have the technical ability to leverage user -level data which is not yet implemented. Most of the sites out there have GA-tracking and users have gmail accounts that are affiliated with their mobile devices etc. All this data could be compiled to have a user scope to the site usage. I'm expecting Google to leverage this data also but, there must be some legal and compliance issues to solve before.