Extracting an Android Source Code from its APK


This is a video that shows step by step process of extracting the source code of any Android APK that is not obfuscated

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All this ok but show how can we use this source code in the android studio and manipulate.

Tumpa Rani 

thanks..its working for me......................



Thanks but explain how to join these file and import in android studio please in another video

Digu Yamgekar 

Thanks man. can you tell us how to edit that file on Android studio ?

ng Robert 

C:\Users\Brownie\Desktop\Extract>apktool if framework-res.apk

S: WARNING: Could not write to (C:\Users\Brownie\AppData\Local\apktool\framework), using C:\Users\Brownie\AppData\Local\Temp\ instead...

S: Please be aware this is a volatile directory and frameworks could go missing, please utilize --frame-path if the default storage directory is unavailable

I: Framework installed to: C:\Users\Brownie\AppData\Local\Temp\1.apk anything wrong with this

ng Robert 

Error: Unable to access jarfile C:\Users\Brownie\Desktop\Extract\\apktool.jar how to resolve thhis

ng Robert 

Brother yourstep easy to understand sorry about the comment I made

ng Robert 

straight to the point don't length



nithin joseph 


Tshiamo Mokwena 

What about the gradle files?????

Bino Relawan 

How to get depedency ? Or gradle file?


how to get apktool batchfile?

Saumya Chhabra 

This was very helpful



We get all the layout at the start when we extract the apk folder along with classes.dex

Watana Inged 

this is the most detailed tutorial i've seen in youtube. thanks man!

Mir Bond 

thanks man you saved my life.I was about to fail in my Major subject, but man you saved me thanks thanks thanks.Salute to you.

Adeyinka Olasunkanmi 

Oga Bamidele Delaroys, please after extracting the source code, how do I recompile it to apk after various editing has been done.Secondly, how do I add admob to change the default.I have built an app using appsmoment.com which also got its software from seattlecloud, we received an email that Seattle cloud is going to stop all of the apps built with its software from functioning as from mach 15.... Am looking for ways I could keep my apps functioning even after seattlecloud suspended it.

Kindly help me out as to the question I asked above.

Thanks and God bless you.

Rishabh jain 

Pls post a video about how to run the extracted source code on Android studio

neeraj taneja 

how to use these source code in android studio for modifying and buil the app again..

jenish patel 

Fantastic...Worked for me!

Kojo Owusu-Ansah 

boss going over your video again i realized you did two things, one is you used the the jd-gui to get a first set of files and you also used the Framework to get another set of files so whats the difference between the two?

Random views Hindi 

i build two aaps of different two websites with different logo and name but the source code is same but only one retain at a time, when i installed the second aap the first one automatically get uninstalled and vice versa.....any solutions ?

Kojo Owusu-Ansah 

it works perfectly man you are good..i have a question,so after all this how do i recompile and test?

Cricket Fan 

'd2j-dex2jar' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

operable program or batch file. I set java jdk jre environment variable and javac cmmd works fine on my cmd.. Please suggest me the answer

Aniruddh Venkatesan 

It’s not working for me

Will it work if i just rename the file?

Uon Liaquat 

This Video worked for me!

Tejas Kondhalkar 

sir i have one question please.......can i extract code of any application using this.....plz replya


It gives me a classes-dex2jar.java file of 0KB

Abhilash gupta 

its fake

Aaqib Khan 

i have extract all files from my apk file.

i have ur video to extract source code from a certain apk file.

now further on can u explain me how open the

mainactivity.java file in android studio ...???

how can i see that my all apk file is for what aboout??

plz explain.???


Dodi Alshegawi 

thanks so much, I got the source code but how to know what's the program generated it. if I want to use it in Android studio I can't find the gradle file

Nassah Wisei 

thank u so much much i have one question ..!! how to combine the both classes and xml files !!

Samir Dev 

thanks but id in java file all errore place id have nomber what i do for that?

Livio López 

Thank you!!! this is great. Now how can I defend my code to this? .... what tips can consider?

Thanks my friend. Really all your videos are very interesting.


thanks for the nice explanation sir

W. Keith 

Hello Delaroy Studios. I am getting a cmd prompt error: c:\Users\wks prods\desktop\dex2jar-2.0>d2j-dex2jar error msg: 'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. " any suggestions. WIN 7 - 64bit os.

Sandip Narwade 

thnk u sir

goutham krishna 

thank you sir

Daniel Langat 

iam not able to get the apktool.bat in the link you provided

Sanim Shrestha 

Keep up the good work man i learned a lot from your lessons :D .i am subscribing for more :D

robert longoria 

Thank you very much..I learned a lot. I subscribed.