Expat Africa: Living in Africa, careers in Africa, jobs in Africa


Andrew from the Nomad Capitalist talks to African expat Eleanor Brown about living and working in Africa.

As a long-term Africa expat, Eleanor coaches those who are moving to Africa or living in Africa on how to better adjust to life on the continent.

In the conversation, you'll hear useful tips on careers and jobs in Africa, as well as what you need to know before you head out to the biggest continent on planet Earth.

Eleanor shares useful tips for expats in Africa. Her website http://www.expatafrica.net is her own resource for Africa expats.

0:22 which African countries are the best to live in

2:26 the challenges that expats face in moving to Africa

4:22 how an expat adapts to one of the world's most mystifying cultures as well as their spouses and families.

6:32 Eleanor discusses entrepreneurship and the best jobs in Africa

8:56 good place for an entrepreneur in Africa.

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Seph Callaway 

Good insight and informative.

Deshon Miller 

It sounds like planet earth to me ups & downs! PEACE

L . Y. N 

Expat live in Africa is great!

Alpha Zey 

the background song in the biggining of the video is in swahili...right?

Toby Nutmeg 

My first choice of places to live in Africa would be the Spanish Enclaves of Ceuta & Melilla. They are considered a part of Spain, so you have the advantage of living somewhere that's a part of the European Union. It's on the Mediterranean. They speak Spanish, which many in the U.S. have some exposure to. Also you can take the Ferry from Ceuta to Algeciras in Spain, which is very close to Gibraltar,(in case you get home sick for fellow English Speakers or you want to see the sights in Gibraltar or Spain.) There are direct flights from Gibraltar back to London, from which you can get anywhere in the world. Also, Morocco,(which both Ceuta & Melilla are surrounded by), is one of the most politically stable countries in North Africa & very friendly to Westerners.