evilaj2010 vs DSP (#1 U.S. ranked ST player at EVO 2005)


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for someone who hasn't played at a tournament in years, you think he'd adapt to the "online" timings instead of the LAN ones.


If DSP is telling the truth and most of his matches ARE laggy, maybe HE'S the one with the bad connection 🤔


It's hilarious how he doesn't figure out it's always the same guy... It's not like all of the Blanka's points are about the same everytime and keep using the same banner, lol.


So, you're the guy with the lag. Well, better get a top notch business internet connection, so you can be as good as Phil.

minh do 

Love seeing phil getting whooped but cant stand his voice

minh do 

If this is "the game that im best at", then wat is he like on games hes shit at? Oh wait, we kno that already lol

just a guy who likes kasumi 

Phil plays street fighter like it's pokémon

Daniel Stone 

"Im trying to counter everything he does with skill..." ah there's your problem dave, you have no skill.

Ben Smith 

Dsp is a legend mate . You are a fucking geek


Funny as fuck stealing all Phils points


50 minutes in, fucking AMAZING that he doesnt look at the BP amount and know its one guy

Mikhail Litvinov 

He might complain, but at least he isnt as much of an asshole as LTG who rage quits constantly, yells obscenities and uses racial slurs

Nazareth Hagane 

LMAO the underwater fights.

Ban Hammer 

Having never really played fighting games, let alone online, I always wonder if the lag is actually this much of an issue?


I love how he throws around fighting game terminology and is incorrect in the situation.


Bugged Connection Mechanics


Whats online lag pattern play?? lol

Ballout Meet Yo Bandz 

Free 360 dood unearned Quits like a bitch nun i could do *snort

David Bebb 

I can't stop laughing. He'll be seeing that Blanka in his nightmares XD


That game is so shitty lol

Matheus Mussel 

This is priceless.

Sir Babz 

I'm a pretty big DSP detractor but I have to say I really thought he was going to end up losing a lot more than he did lol... it actually goes to show the only game he's actually good at is Street Fighter...the ONLY game lol

Child Of Aztec 

I took about an hour and a half (1st one i noticed) for him to admit a loss was his own fault

Stalker Stomper3 

150:18 "I'm doing nothing but holding down-back, but I'm still getting hit", as we all witness him jumping over hadokens and then getting swept by cHK as he lands from the jump. If this guy was truly a pro and a champion at this game, he'd already have know one of the most basic fundamentals of SF2... there's NO "trip guard" in these versions. So you CAN'T block a sweep upon landing. This property was changed in every Capcom fighter since the SF2 series.


Watching him get mad at you leaving the lobby again and again after beating him is priceless.


2:50:46 I think the lag was applied to both players maybe? Because they are synced at the same time after the frame freezing.


Evilaj's revenge on DSP through kicking his ass here and starting the this is how you don't play series. Good on you exposing this awful person's real skills on games.

Luna Diviner 


Machinen Kanone 

Wtf? To be a ...man, person, whatever and keep your affiliations and gifting on the low. Fhil...kahm ahnnnn

Clous von 

He constantly looks like he's smelling a fart.

Vanessa Rodriguez 

Phil: Chung Ri hurr hurr

Also Phil: People keep reporting me for racism. I’m not racist. I HATE RACISM!!!


Which ones were AJ? Sorry, lol.

Thomas Hansen 

You obviously only won all those fights because you lagged, and his imputs weren't coming out... and he didn't do that... and he was pushing buttons... oh and uhhhh frame drops.


Now correct me if I'm wrong, and I'm no SFII expert, but Phil is an idiot and poor player, who blames his weak skills on things that shouldn't even factor into the game.

David Costache 

Imagine if this guy played cuphead....



Okay... I don't play Balrog... Like at all in any street fighter game... But I think even I would succ that bad.

Joji 305 

He’s lucky to get at least a thousand views now he gets anywhere from 40 to 900 views per video now

Kevin Lewis 

surely if he had a faulty switch they would have either repaired or replaced it why would he need to drop another 300 dollars???

TheFryingPan Nibba 

Bring back the SoK


Nice ass whooping.


Ultra DSP Salt Fighter 2 1:03:30

Burrito Man2000 

Did you know that if you jumped from DSP's ego to his iq you'd never stop falling

Chris Dedeaux 

To be fair, the people he played did have one or two bars. But does Phil even have any? When you look at his connection between matches it always shows his just empty and the opponents with one or two

Bonnie Love 

*excuses intensify

Bonnie Love 

Amazing video :D so much fun to watch


This guy is projecting.

Amber Maynard 

Why does it show zero bars for DSP's connection?


Watching DSP made me realize i wasn't a fighting game noob. All the games i played involved dropped frames, dropped inputs, counterpicking, stalking, scrubs, controller didnt register my inputs, and bitch quitting scrubs. Thanks AJ i realized nothing was my fault


I like in this vidéo how he said ' Blanka counter T hawk' When on his last few videos he said that t hawk beat easy blanka