Evil Bank Manager - FIRST IMPRESSION


Like Europa Universalis IV... but with a twist! Evil Bank Manager sees you controlling a bank in the Old World during the Renaissance, influencing the politics (and in turn) the world around you.

This video discusses my first impressions of the game after playing campaign starting as a bank in Brittany.

Evil Bank Manager can be found here.


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Update the eu4 mod

Twitchy Paper 

Did you say "nose mode"?


Jew Simulator IV

Matthew Robben 

Never thought I'd see two Dovska videos in one day


The thing is..... it's just as easy on the hardest difficulty. Arumba did his first blind play through on it and still kind of wrecked it in the first try.


oy vey

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They totally did not steal the map and flags from EU4, they totally did their own research and made historically accurate conclusions.

Luke Anderson