Everyday Carry 2018 - My College Student Tech EDC


My Tech Everyday Carry as a college student + what's in my bag. Download Dashlane for free: http://bit.ly/DashlaneCanoopsy 10% discount code: youtube2018 for Dashlane Premium! This video is sponsored by Dashlane.

iPhone X:


iPhone X Case:


Pixel 2 XL:

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Apple Watch:

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MacBook Pro with Touch Bar:


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More Wallets:

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Mechanical Pencil:

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(Not exact, but si...

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aaron bonner 

I thought he was gonna ya e 2 computers too. One Mac one windows

Whiteblueberry 23 

He has two phones nevertheless in fucking college.

Whiteblueberry 23 

Has AirPods 0:08 then says earbuds that are not AirPods at 0:10.

Møhim Førever 

I thought that was edc Las Vegas

Mayank Mathur 



You are a cringe motherfaqa

Dan Mark Diza 

issa toronto ting to cop a pic of cn tower

Rithvik Thammareddy 

The F Gear Luxor Bag is on sale for just 774/- !! I bought mine on Amazon!. You can too!. While stocks last!



"rich college student"

Wyatt Waters 

I've been using dashlane since 2015, and it's great.

plus u get premium by sharing it with others, so i see what you did there

Hot Rod 2 


HP Chromebook x360 11 EE runs chrome OS and android, 360 flip, touchscreen

Apple Airpods i like apple, these took a long time to save for but i don't want to carry my headphones to school because they're vulnerable inside my bag to breaking, also when i listen to music the wires pull when my phone is in my blazer

Grey Slazenger backpack there's no model name but it has a padded section on the inside as well as a zip pocket on the inside, two small exterior zip pockets, also another medium sized zip section and two slightly smaller zip sections.

wireless logitech mouse

i like this because i have a laptop i can not only write on but i can also use the touchscreen feature, and even flip the screen round and watch netflix on the bus. I don't have to bother with any wires unless i bring my portable charger, and it's very light and nothing in my bag is bulky. i used to carry a laptop charger, headphones and a wired mouse, and


Doesn’t want to be held back by a computer *Actually uses MacBook Pro like a boss*

Намазбек Бекарысулы 

only EDC video I liked

Murad Alamdar 

The nane of the song at the beginning

Danial Rafiqi 

Rich college student... i have to work and still cant afford all of this

Infinite Being 

And yes, you forgot about the underwear !!

Infinite Being 

PLz dont get Brian washed ;p

Melissa Goh 

why does a college student need 2 phones?

Derrick Mei 

why do I feel like hes just trying too flex his luxury shit in his vids like this


Which is better rha true connect wireless or jabra elite 65t

Saksham Goel 

How do you not have a million subscribers. You videos are so top notch for 100 k subs

Penquin 360 

Why a Mac?

Cool Guy 

So rich boiii


It is very sympathetic that you don't have the latest and greatest tech

Arindam Kumar 


Arindam Kumar 

This vedio is quite misleading. I really don't think it will be easy for a regular student to afford all this. As a matter of fact the guys' got the best of everything.


Last time I checked college students were not living the luxury life...

G Zingaro 

Which color MBP is that?

Is it silver or space grey?

Andy Mendez 

you know canoopsy, most students aren't sponsored


the only stuff that i can afford is the mechanical pencil

Brandon Hovencamp 

Do you go to reyerson University in Toronto

username of a human 

PLEASE tell me the model number of those glasses! I just ahhhhhhhhh

Alem Kalender 

Why do you need 2 phones?

Tanishq Patel 

Student EDC my ass!

Mätä Matthias 

I had to klick when i saw the shoes

Edit: No tech :(

RED Bag 

You are so cool! Because you speak more slow than other creators, I’m from Russia, and sometimes I can’t understand what some youtubers said)

donald mcgreggor 

I really liked your edc collection and i think you should add Cascade Wallet by Mani Wonders to your collection.

Seymour Buddz 

Just got my CS2 in black and white and they are 🔥


1st video i’ve seen from you , instant subscribe

Lizzy J 

Lol how is this college student tech? Students use 10yo laptops and phones while eating instant noodles.

Chim Link 

man I want to get my hands on the neighborhood collection.


If you dont have Glock than this is not EDC you weirdo

Samantha Xiong 

This is the first video that I've seen from your channel and i just subscribed. Keep making great videos!

Jon C 

There’s zero need to have two phones unless for business and personal, not a college student


apple fanboy :v

Armie Runs 

I bought some 8.99 airpod like earbuds, comment on this for info.


"kicks" xD


I like how you showed the airpods, and then grabbed the Zolos instead :p


New sub squad, and liking before watching squad. Hi from Greece dude ! Check my island vlog if you want :)


Performance he says, a MacBook Pro he buys. lol.