EvE Online: Archon V Hauler Spawn (new mining fleet response fleet)

Joe Frayling 

so a carrier can solo sanctums and havens no problem but you struggled with this little response fleet? something tells me you shouldn't be flying a carrier yet. . .




Another idiot playing EvE.

Chance Theil 

Great to see that a Carrier is completely useless still


pls music from video

Nicholas Mckay 

You cant use any ecm while your nsa is avtive... It says it right on the attributes


wonder how itl look if you brought friends along :P

fleet warfare against advanced ai

would have been nice if serpentis and thukker shot at eachother tho


why self distruct?


What code will do abaut these mining fleets?

They can shoot back so code wont gank lol


Very cool video, haven't run into one of these fleets yet, the only thing i'm wondering is if an Omnidirectional would make it so your damage could apply better and actually break their tank?

Jay Dee 

So much hate in these comments. Eve, and society has become cancerous. :(

jester cap 

bad carrier gameplay and skills and fitting lol

Haley Eve Online 

where is the support fighter squadron webs or paints...

Duran Predur 

So much dumb and mean persons in the comments!

It was his regular carrier from TQ, he took this spawn just to try not to tryhard.

Marshall Husvar 

I think the response fleets are to teach newbies.  Nice going CCP!


lol focus on the logi ffs >D this is so frustrating to watch F1 F2 Null Drones

pow demonic 

always kill logi first if ewar is jams then kill them  aswell then focus on the dps and also u are terribad at carriers

Mason Tartaglia 

I found another way.

So if you have a boss-ass tanking ship the NPCs will eventually burn out their cap just repping. At this point you just keep pounding them until they die.

This work for the small fleets and if you are soloing.


can carriers not use regular drone anymore? seriously a rattlesnake would do better


should have used einherji, thukker = same damage and tank as angels


BAD carrier skills!

Stoner Etiquette 

are those plates on a carrier hahaha


Lol, one of the guys on voice comms sounds just like Ross Gellar from Friends hahha

Randy Neal 

The guys talking on coms are..... annoying.


Lol. This is one of the easiest spawns too. Fit your carrier better dude, i killed this spawn with a cerb.


lmao classic nullbear, learn to fly your shiny toy


comon dude i too them on in a chimera that was buffer tanked and i was able to kill them like 3 at a time

BlackHawk 0oi 

youre missle swarms werent doing that much maybe put a target painter or something to help with the damage

Martin van Cann 

Your Carrier does problably only half the damage he could do to those Scythes. Try using more damage amps and one or two omnidirectional tracking links with tracking scripts. Makes cruisers melt away.

Alternatively to the brute force aproach, you could try to neut one of the Scythes ether with a capital neut or by replaycing one of your fighter squads with Cenobite Neut support fighters.


If you had a fit that made any sense you wouldnt have wasted 30 min trying to kill a cruiser

Nick Puttock 

An electronic interface designed to augment and enhance a carrier's sensors. By redirecting power from offensive electronic warfare systems

Nick Puttock 

You can't use the Network sensor array at the same time of using offensive things like scram, ecm etc. Read the network sensor array description

Nix Axer 

Во тупой. Видит же что не может пробить Скитч, и все равно его бьет.

Дамагмоды? Не, не слышал.

Drew Parker 

Crappy carrier crappy fit...

Dihi WoT 

no damage application mods, just awful

Rachael Lines 

Those scythes were mean! :D