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Absolute Motivation 

Bro Keep up the good work, world needs more people like you man, great personality you have. ❤️❤️

tough_times_ motivation 

hello, i am from india too and that was really helpful ....

can you please make a vedio for tuition free courses in germany.

i mean some students who can just afford their blocked account money and few more.. THOSE BUSINESS COURSES THOSE ARE TUITION FREE .

I and most of indians CURRENTLY pursuing bba from india and would prefer to study in germany after bba..that would be helpful for us.

anyone can answer if they have sufficeint knowledge.


tarun banga 

Hi dude , please make a video on master in biotechnology in Germany .

Umar Farooq 

Keep up the good work man.

Nayan Kalita 

This lady is damn confident.I have never seen any girl that much confident.

Harkesh budgujjar 

1:19 wht is song name bro👦

Ajay B 

To enhance our intellectual curiosity, please make a video on Tax and Tax rates after employment in Germany #beatnikers

Aditya Sharma 

when are you gonna meet Judith or Johanna ?? We want new videos with them.

prijan bhattarai 

Please make video about some public universities

Sovit Nayak 

Can u please make videos on "" for studying in germany after studying 1st year in India

Sangar Sangaran 

When are you going to show us your GERMAN Language skill ?

ajit shinde 

Dude you like hardik pandya

norbit for you 

you should ask what percentage of students that they becomes great scientist....

umang bajaj 

Please make a video about Hochschule mittweida, how is it and everything

Sushant Mishra 


I love your videos, thanks for so much information for people looking for jobs in India.

I am currently giving interviews in German companies. I just one question that Is it necessary to have a language certificate (A1/A2 ect) to get a german work permit visa sitting back in India?


Hey man, really like your stuff.

I’m actually coming to Berlin to study at SRH also. But international management, would be real cool to meet up, maybe collaborate on a project or two. If interested let me know through YouTube or Instagram.

Either way, keep up the Positivity

JP yadav 

Who is camera Man?

Danish Raza Khan 

14:09 Freemasons symbol


Can I get your number

shailesh jadhav 

Your videos are very helpful! can you do a video on ECSP Europe?

Santiago Gomez 

Hi, that was a great tour through the business school, greetings from Venezuela!

Raj bibezz 

Bro its for desgree program imean mba ma phd like tht

Moïse Mendy 

Thanks from the bottom of my heart! You are truly helping us out!

Abhinav Raj 

Question for Q&A

"How tall are you?"

Anime English Songs 

who is holding your camera :-p

Kunal Jain 

Fabulous job sir♥❤♥❤♥ plz check your dm in Instagram🙏🙏


I'm your regular since.... judith... I Also want to study in Germany

American Truecaller 

yaar tu bahut maje le rha h chupke 2 tere papa se boluga


Nikhilesh sir.... Please share your number sir......

American Truecaller 

gjb style


Please get a Gimbal.

Sibasish Mukherjee 

Can u do a university of Leipzig tour please?

nelavalli naveen 

Hey Nikelesh, hope you doing good but dint mentioned the fee structure to the courses. Hope you help me with that

balijepalli kishore 

Dude you do good work but let me tell you , sometimes you gonna response to people who reply you in your website . I am honest .

Omkar Kulkarni 

Please make a campus tour video of Munich Business School also.

Omkar Kulkarni 

Great and very informative video! It was very important to me coz m applying to ESMT and some other business schools next year for MIM. Good work! Keep it up!!! :)

Rajjwal Singh 

who is holding the camera??

simple boy 

Very very classy

Mohit pal 

I'll be writing my GMAT on 10th September. Should I apply for ESMT, Berlin since the deadline for International candidates is 1st October.??? How likely are the chances of an International applicant to get accepted in the last round?

lakshay v 

your videos are alot informative thanks for sharing

bhari van 

Super bro nice

Kapil Agrawal 

I'm joining the ESMT MiM 2018 batch starting this September. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Niaz Maksud 

Almost a month ago it was 32k when I subscribed and now it's 41k. Good going bruh!

Sandeep a 

Bro, is there any way to get education loan without collateral?

Please reply me , thank you..

r Prasad 

Who is recording the video

Ashish Arora 

It was really helpful. Thanks!

Rajat B 

Question that was un-addressed:-

1. Starting salary : estimate

2. What job roles applicants gets into.

3. How important is to know German at the time of Interview:-

But thank you, I at-least realized my dreams to study management in Germany.

Keiser Mohamed 

Thanks for posting the fantastic videos.

Rohit Sahani 

So much positiveness today 👍😊

Rahul Rb 

sir please take freie university of berlin campus tour