EPIC GARAGE SALE FIND! Huge Retro Video Game Haul!!


EPIC GARAGE SALE FIND! Huge Retro Video Game Haul!!

I got all these items from one garage sale this past Saturday! Most items will be sold on eBay with a few going to Amazon FBA.

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Channel:  Scott Shafer
Topics:  Gaming
Scott Shafer 

$770 off a $25 investment is my kind of flip!

Dan T 

Your prices are way off. Mario land and Kirby dream land are closer to $10-$12 games.

OBriens RetroRewind 

Really nice finds man!


Don’t trash that DMG Gameboy! Sacrilege!

Give it to a game store at least!

They’ll be able to restore it or even use it as parts.

Perfect example of how you resellers have no respect for the hobbies you take advantage of.

$156 for a “First Edition” Tetris???

Obviously someone bought it by accident or bought it to drive up the price then refunded it.

Damn. You’re such a wiener.


nother lame ass reseller..... its getting old,,,, COLLECTORS hate resellers...….. way too many ppl looking for a quick fix to flip $,,,,,,,,, get a real job or mooch off your parents...….ps please hate on this comment IDGAF

Retro dealer 64# 

I have some Crash Bandicoot complete in box Rayman Pac-Man Mega Man. Same thing bottom off a friend cheap.


So how much time do you spend per week on arbitrage and is that you're only FBA sourcing, or do you also import/buy in bulk from Alibaba?

R49 Y 

Tetris is not thay expensive, it goes for 5-10 bucks.


Nice finds man

Curtis Whitten 

Sell the original game boy for parts...

btc coins 

garage sale is hit or miss but if you hit it, you could make decent money

Raymond Boeijen 

man I wish we had this here in the Netherlands. I would love to buy some storage boxes, so cool!


Don't trash the original gameboy, sell it for parts on eBay. There are people who refurbish them and atleast it's not ending up in a landfill.

Seth Allen 

Nice picking on the $25 investment. Reaching a bit though on the Tetris game. That one sold is a complete outlier. Have same one guess it doesn't hurt to list it at that but 90% are like 10.99 and under.

Phil Rineman 

Once again Scott has another great haul. Liking your vids to Scott! Keep it up!


I would suggest learning how to replace batteries off Gameboy games. GB Games with dead batteries will just get you a fat return and a loss of investment.


Scott, did you have to haggle with the owner, or was that the initial selling price?

Also, do you recommend setting up two separate Amazon accounts if I do private labeling and also retail arbitrage? Thanks!

Marcy Kennedy 

FANTASTIC!!!!! I need to go raid some junk drawers where I remember seeing my kids’ old games a few months ago LOL


Did you wear a mask when you bought it?

Crypto Jedi 

wow, nice work kid, keep it up!