Ep. 17 - How Do Managers Get Paid?


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Managers can make a lot of money in the music business. Have you ever looked at an artist and wondered how they became the star they are today? Easy it all starts with their manager. Though that question was easy to answer, the road for you in the Music Industry is filled with many unexplained questions, but don't worry I got you back. It's Sirr Love back again with PhaseVI giving you the most information about Music Business Motivation And Support. Today's Topic: How Managers Get Paid. If you want one you gotta know how to keep one. Let's Beam...

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JT Coin Rings 

You are a true professional!

Brandy Alderman-oler 

How can I get a gig as a business manager or assistant manager to an artist I'm young able to travel I want to work my way up from the bottom I just need to know where to start

Cameron Tyrone 

Thanks man

m m 

Can a artist manager be a personal assistant too

Scalpel Music 

What’s the song playing in the background and at the end? Love it!

Candy Martin 


Chase Sysco 

can you do one for producing management

CrazySexyCool huh 

in this video you cld be Kanye west dobbleganger 😳

Master All 

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Master All 

I need one manager please text me 4846338466

James Rice 

Thanks for the info you just gave me more of a reason to fire my shady manager.......


I'm gonna ask dumb here. 5-35% of what? gig revenue? merch? royalties? what about all the negotiation a manager does that doesn't really have a pot of gold at the end, like pitching and getting press attention etc...?

As an artist who has never had a manager, I have always wondered where that 'percentage' everyone always talks about ACTUALLY comes from.


Asap am an artist manager Love your work buh I still think 35% is kinda 😾45%😎

Patterned up Tv 

Man Fenangled Beiber lol Thats some serious fenangling!

Patterned up Tv 

Love bro, gonna repost some of your stuff when I learn how to get rid of this lag on the editor! Try help you drive some traffic to PhaseVi.com sounds like one of the few websites that deserves it gonna check it out later.


www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kIy_J_HskQ hottest music video in the world

Paul Stanley. 

Why can’t I manage my self? Sir

Paul Stanley. 

Why can’t I manage my self?

Drix Malone 

Toooo mamy damn managers and extra services fool ahaha!! Wtf, nigga trying to make y'all broke and work for managers!? End up in debt and working to pay for other peoples habits fucking with this dude information smh.

K Michael 

So pretty much you as a manager is steering your artist in the direction to make money and your taking 20% of that?


Good info mane. Keep grinding on the vids!

Okami Sennin 

Manage me !


Keep up the good work, Great videos!


That's the video I've been looking for for months now ! Thanks !