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In this episode we discuss Engineering Technician vs Engineer, Engineering Technology vs Engineering, Engineer vs Engineer Technician, engineering technician job description, engineering technician interview, is engineering technician a good job, engineering technology videos, engineering technology degree, engineering technologist vs engineer, engineering technology career, engineering technologist, engineering technician, engineering tech, 1%engineer

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Jake Voorhees 

Who is on the 2+2 path in their engineering journey right now, or who has done it? Comment below and let us know your experience. Thanks!

Anwon Dells 

Can electrical technicians start an electrical contracting business?

Joshua Crocker 

Not going to lie. But I have seen some techs that come up and improve on and made better to a design to a product than the orginal EE that thought of it. There is a reason some go off and start their own buisness! Some of us dont like being underminded because we dont have a full degree! Some of us dont want to deal with the debt that school comes with. There are a lot of techs out there that are well up to par as an engineer would be. But its all biased because we dont have " Engineer" as part of our title. Quite honestly in my opinion I think that needs to change for people that show that in the workplace. But it all relates back to $$$. What happen to show of craftmenship and willingness to move up? Oh wait profit took over that! I feel like we really need to rethink on how to qualify people for postions like that. But that is my two cents about that!


Hello sir. Thank you so much for your videos. I have done my graduation in civil engineering in India . shall I do civil engineering technician course for 2 years to get 3 years of work permit in Canada ?

Looking forward to your reply sir.


Hello sir. I have done my graduation in civil engineering in India. shall I take civil engineering technician course for 2 years and get 3 years of work permit ?

Thank you so much for your video sir.


I originally did the 2+2 and then through work became a licensed Engineer now in management although this is in Canada so maybe it's different in the US. My experience is that Jake is generally correct but you still see people rise to high leadership positions in Engineering consulting, and contracting firms and their original education was a 2 year diploma of technology. You even see full Engineering graduates stay in design for a long time and make less than their Managers mentioned above so it's not always the case. A lot of your professional worth comes in your ability at work to deliver value and relationships. Also a lot of Technologists obtain further education in other things like Construction Management, LEED, PMP, etc. which further qualifies them for leadership positions despite not being a licensed engineer because in that position you wouldn't be signing / sealing designs, reports, and letters of assurances. With that said over the years I do agree with the branding part

christian canoy 

🙌🏻I DO RESPECT BOTH SIDE 🙌🏻 so if you have ELECTRICAL OR A/C etc PROBLEM J U S T call a TECHNICIAN not engineer😂

Technician a person who fixes the mistakes made by engineers. A very well said

Templier Smith 

in Canada is 2 year of college plus 5 years of university to be engineer


3 year of college being a technician and if you want to be an engineer its 4 more year in Uni

Tate Larkin 

What if I want to design and do the hands on work is there something specific you have to do or are engineers able to do the hands on work but just don't

John Charles 

I don't know what career I can have,I simply like to built, create stuff, I just love Making gadgets, I enjoy technology. I just love doing that I don't know if that's computer hardware or software, science please help

Mike Lamothe 

Wow your video makes you sound like an elitist dick. First of all, if you take a 2 year engineering technology course, you would be an engineering technologist, not a technician. A technician course is a 1 year course. I am in the last year of a 3 year computer engineering technology course and I am offended by the crap you are saying in your video. If your head was any bigger it would float away. I have the option of doing 2 more years to get my degree, but I am 43 years old and choose not to spend 2 more years in school. If you are not good at math, DO NOT take the degree course. I took a 1 year engineering technician course back in 2000 and I was making over $50k a year so technicians and technologists are important and fix the screw ups and fix all the bugs you engineers create. We also write the code for your projects. We deserve respect just as much as an engineer, so please get off your high horse and keep your narrow minded and arrogant comments to yourself.

Engineering techn

Will Goodwin 

What's up with all the hand motions?

Soni Singh 

Does having practical experience help to become a better engineer ?? I think the techs tend to be really good with practical experience. The engineers tend to be really good with theory. The best engineers are great with both which is VERY RARE.

Silver Sparticus 

I went from an A.S. in Computer Electronic Engineer Technology to a B.S. in Business Technical Management, but haven't finish it yet and only have five classes left. Still struggling and I did want to become an engineer. Now, I have no choice, but to paid off my loans and got back to finished up.

Austin Barnard 

Those hands... can’t watch only listen.

Colossal Oxygen 

Fucking nerd.


Do whatever feels more comfortable to you.

nic wright 

An ABET accredited 4 year Engineering technology degree enables you to sit for the PE exam as does a traditional EE ABET accredited degree. This guy isn't accurate in a lot of what he says. I started off as an industrial electrician technician as I continued school. I made a lot of money doing that. Anywhere from 60k-100k depending on how much I wanted to work. There is nothing wrong with staying a technician if that's what you want. I chose to go beyond that, but there are many routes to the same goal. Look on company websites for engineering positions and most of them will say-required as BE EE (ME, CE ETC) or BSEET from an ABET accredited school....


Dude...get your fuckin hands out of my face...

Oliver S 

Can you do a video on the actual difference between a BS in CET vs CE? The difference in the job duties & title as well


In South Africa, a National Diploma in engineering is done in a College where it's 2 years of book work and 1 year of Work Integrated Learning (3 in total). If you decide to the a +1 year for a BTech, it's totals to 4 years which equals a university Degree - the difference is:

BTECH = Bachelor of Technology, 4 years, Technologiest

Bsc = Bachelor of Science, 4 years, Engineer


I made it to 3:00.

Brandon H 

Anyone else getting a B.S in mechanical engineering technology??

yeah ok 

This is all bs and status qou nonsense. Just cos someone took some higher math class doesn’t really mean he/she is engineering material. If u want real hands on knowledge, if u really want to know what’s useful in the real world. Get an engineering Technology degree. But if u wana talk smart and wear suits and also be far detached from reality. Get an engineering science degree. U will learn so much that’s not useful


I am of the first born generation in my family to go to college, as my parents came from the mountains of south east Asia where no education existed or was ever head of. Growing up, I did not know engineering technicians existed, so I got my BS in mechanical engineering as my counsler recommended when I told her I like building things. Now that I am looking for a job, I see this engineering technician position and the responsibilities sound exactly like everything I wanted when I set out on this path of engineering. I'm a person that loves working with my hands to makes stuff, fix stuff, and be creative. I want to apply for the job but I don't want to feel like I am not an engineer nor do I want to get paid just as much as a 2 year student. Does having my 4 year degree and entering this technician job do anything for me or is that considered below me at this point (I don't mean that in a negative way I just don't know how else to describe that)?

YohanGaming Ka 

Mechanical engineer or Electronics and communication engineer? Which course do you think is the best?


You remind me of David cross.


Maybe find a job that also pays for schooling and work and schooling part time.

Brooks Family 

What if you have a BA in another field and a associates in Electrical engineer. Can you reach management?

Lone Voice 

This video gave me anxiety. Felt like he would never get to the point.

Taylor Adams 

jesus fuck stop moving your hands so much


I am technologist in western europe. This video is biased. We do 1 year school+1 year internship+1 year school. You cannot enter school if you did not apprentice mason or similar before. Everything you learn is practical and when you get out of school you can work immediately like a pro. Engineers are pure structural theorists whose job is to calculate the structure sizes after the Architect sets the design and materials. Usually they don't know HOW practically to build and with what means. And their knowledge is poor as some had only theoretical high school no aprentice job before... Technologist and engineer are two different jobs. Engineers work a study office. Technologist work usually for a constr. company. Their skills makes them the second in command after the Director and upon the foreman. Engineers and Archi design inside offices. Technologists build and are therefore responsible for the working site until completion to client.

Choose what you like the most. Basically Technolo

Aea Hazan 

My friend didn't even finish his two electrical degree and makes well over 100k as a tech. But he is a different level of person sooo.


I'm just your basic assembler employee and my job threw me in the engineering building, because I'm on light duty.

Turns out the head guy there is leaving and wants to train me as much as possible before he dips. I've always wanted to attend school to become a engineer, but fuck that. I'm getting hands on experience and I get payed for it, better hours, and endless equipment. I'm really lucky where I work cause if you want to learn a new skill, they'll gladly educate you about it. If you master it, then it's another reason for them to keep you.

Jess Whallon 

Understand that in America, Engineer is not a protected title like Dr. If you are employed in a role that does engineering, you are an engineer. Period.

Bryant Baker 

this is very biased, i haven't heard a single good thing to become a technician, of course more school=more money. but aside from knocking people that don't go for 4 years, talk about the personal characteristics BEFORE the pay, yes the pay is important, but so is being happy. or at least enjoy what you're doing.

Alfred Sanchez 

Does a technician need to take high math classes and do they even get hired after school?


Techs are pee ons. When engineers talk, techs need to listen.

Ka Gg 

Too much hand movement!


I'm a tech , and also a student ,last year in mechanical engineering . funny things is that all my friend from my tech courses make 100k cad and up , me as an engineer I will make less... For sure....


I just graduated a few months ago with a BS in audio engineering technology and an AS in electrical engineering technology. I've been looking at a lot of test engineer jobs and some product development jobs. I eventually want to work with a company that will help me pay for grad school so I can be a full-fledged electrical engineer. However, I'm not 100% sure I can just go into grad level courses without taking some prereqs. Anyone have any experience in this?

Andrew Morgan 

Why does the technician catch so much flak? I think it's a respectable career being able to be a supportive member of a team doing hands on assembly testing and calculations. Most of my engineer friends would struggle to change their oil or tire. Dare I say it might bring more pride that tradesmen work of install repeat repeat. I'm totally OK with not being the lead engineer in charge. In fact with my experience I've met a lot of engineers that either are under so much stress they would rather trade place with a tech or engineer that manage people and finances more than design. I think I would have far to much anxiety being and engineer that would keep me up at night wondering all the mistakes I might have made. At the same time I have a serious respect for engineers for bearing that role. Can't we all get along?

Nathan Osborn 

I am almost done with my BS in electrical engineering technology degree and have been worried how I will complete against those who have traditional EE degrees. What are your thoughts on that?

Thomas Remmers 

could i go back after working for a couple years with only a 2 year?

Michael Blair 

One sided


Not a leader? That's crap. You can have an awesome career as a tech. The big difference between an engineer and a tech is a desk. If you want to sit on your ass all day, go in debt and be an engineer. If you want to actually work and have your hands on things that will go to space be a tech.

Jean Lozama 

great video, but i think that you make a mistake answering the question. engineering tech and engineering is two different major. you can still go to school for 4 years and still be a technician. if you go to engineering tech in a community college for two years, this is not pre engineering because you don't take all the maths and physic classes. which means, you can not transfer your credits to a 4 years university for engineering. so, it's not 2+2 . when you go to a community college you can do the pre engineering which is calc 1, 2,3, linear algebra, differential equation and physics. this is totally different than a 2 years engineering tech at a community college because you don't take all this math, it's more hands on but the worst part of it is that you can not transfer you credits to a 4 years engineering programs. can you redo that video, i think the answer was mishandled. other than that, great video

Caleb DesJardins 

dude, get your hands out of my face

Camryn Brantley 

I am currently working on my associates in Industrial Electricity and already have my associates in Mechatronics. I'm only 20, but for some reason I can not focus. I've always suspected that I have ADD, but it seems it is far worse in my college career than it was in high school. I am debating on accepting an offer from a local plant, but I am not sure what I should do. I would like to have a degree in Biomedical Engineering so that I may help people who need prosthetics, but I also feel I wouldn't make it in a University because I'm having such a hard time focusing. Should I take some time to myself and come back for my Bachelors or should I just suck it up and try to get it now?

Lil Mafi 

Love the information but the hand movements are very distracting