Engineering Student Advice - The #1%Engineer Show 001 - Introduction


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This show is about engineering student advice, the introduction

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The #1%Engineer Show 001 is brought to you by Jake Voorhees, founder of The 1% Engineer Society. A free community and education platform dedicated to career advice, engineering job opportunities, and professional development.

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How To Find Your Engineering Passion:

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Channel:  Jake Voorhees
Topics:  Society
CGI Interactive 

Saw you on the GaryVee comments. Love what youre doing with this channel. Very niche with engineers in college. Keep up the great work! Subbed.

Brett Hoffstadt 

Humbitious beginnings! Love it. Great job getting started Jake. I see a lot of growth in the channel so far and I see much more ahead.


Greetings from Italy! Yeah i was really feeling the lack of something like this in our sistem, and I'm loving the idea!

Information Technology Q & A Show 

Yo Jake..came here because you replied to one of my comments on GV's videos.  I like what you've got going on here.  You're gonna kill it if you keep at it.  College students need this kind of message. Great work.  Sub'd.