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Video description

In this episode we discuss Engineering vs Architecture, Architecture Engineering work, Civil Engineering vs Architecture, civil engineer or architecture, how to get an engineering job, engineering students

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Jake Voorhees 

What questions do you have about your future engineering related career? Ask away, and I can make a video for you :) Thanks!

Jyothi Jyothi 

Royalty never dies , royalty starts with civil engineering


We are learning about matjs and physics than engineers..because we have to add them to our uncommon design if we are not learning them than you..the buildings will get down at all..


Hey man..sorry to say our country architects learning maths amd physics so much because we have to think about the safety of our designs than you..well create new creative designs...uncommon things..we are the upgraders of the building and construction field..and why this?we are friends

Yvonne Yen D. Retirva 

woah thanks to this video I know what course should I pick ... I want to be an architect but my mother wants me to be an engineer ... so confused :(

Peter Ngo 

Both of them are very essential. Without civil engineers those buildings, infrastructures and the likes WOULDNT AND IMPOSSIBLE to be build. On the other side it's wrong for many people to say architecture is just an art, it is an ART and SCIENCE of creating and designing a space. SCIENCE because they also studied 5+ years of (bio, chem, physics,etc Because hello? They are designing for people?) AND OF COURSE Architects also THINK and ANALYZE in their design process. FYI even the great pyramids in egypt had architects/ engineers too.

So in other words Architects are for the designing (aesthetics) and planning of spaces while the civil engineers are for the structural stability designing. They are both IMPORTANT.

So please stop your INVALID AND NONSENSE ARGUMENTS people we are different.

Gino Paolo Villafuerte 

Archineer here.😎😎😎

Rizky Ryan 

does mechanical engineers have these type of partners as civil engineers have architects?

mg ushin 

For fetus high schoolers, don't be discouraged when people said "3 hours of sleep" becuase is actually 2 hours. I'm just kidding, is all about time management. Personally I prepare before lecture and review after lecture or when i'm free, if everything is done correctly, you will have plenty of time to do whatever you want. Doing side projects is necessity for my major(CS) and that's what I planning doing.

Bei Bei 

I don't even know why there's a huge conflict between the two professions. Both are doing well in their line of work and both can create amazing structures by working hand in hand.

yas min 

I need Eng sub please

Laya Rasooli 

Thank you sooo much!


What I would like to know is is the the Slide Rule still being used?

Freddie Pallugna 

Archi deals with the Aesthetics of the building, architectural design google those.

Meanwhile CE does deal with the Structural Aspect, on how does the building behave when subjected to loadings, lateral loads, earthquake loads and etc, CE also do the cost estimation, choosing the right material for a cost effective project. If an engineer fails with the structural design then all of us were going to be fucked up.

Yanyan Yanyan 

Hello I'm a grade 12 student I want to take Civil Engineering or architecture but no one trust me ☹️😢

-Sorry for my english :(


im in grade 10 and im tryna find a career cuz my teachers are telling everybody to pick thier subjects according for your dream career for grade 11

Air Arts 

I’m on my second semester in college and I love being in my architecture classes ❤️❤️❤️ Nice Video 👍🏽‼️

Melissa Vargas 

Wow very impressive, now all my ideas are very clear ! Thank you for the video and for helping others to understand the concept.

Diego Gallardo 

Well I study architecture there are 3 maths with 2 estructures clases as well 1 físics class a 5 construccion clases from concrete and steal to details in wood and glass, topography theres 4 clases on digital dissing of structure and out of 10

Cycles of architectural design 7 have structures, we also take 2 clases on plomings and sircuits and we have work in construction sites

Benjamin Shawon 

Hi man sorry for the delay but u r doing great. Keep it up. I’m in my last few months of my A2. I’m so good at math and I love to do math. But I’m not that good at physics. I don’t like to memories staff and all, I am a person who understands and do staff. For my A2 I’m doing math (core math, mechanics and statics), Further math and Physics. I tried to study physics but I couldn’t. I’m going to classes but no use. For my A2 somehow I’ll try to pass or I’ll try to take a “D”. I like to be an engineer. Can u suggest me an engineering type which has lots and lots of math but a little of physics.

Marquez Davis 

Hey I’m currently in high school and I want to know what was your starting salary as an civil engineer. And what level degree do you have?


Architects and Civil Engineers are like husband and wife together bringing up a beautiful and stable Creation. So lets together make more stable and aesthetic wonders :). I myself an Architect here.

Freddy De Anda 

do you blink

Ma Herrera 

Math, math, math, math, math..... 😂😂

Harley Torres 

Should I stop taking my profession?

I hate math and thesis ... Haha😂

Neha Patel 

It's laughable that people still think that all architects do is care about the aesthetics/fluffy feelings and are good at drawing etc. I guess that's what we get when just about anyone who's taken a few arch classes can go around and call themselves architects. Point being, architecture is a lot about the FUNCTIONALITY of the product and creating an effective solution for a problem. A lot of how school preps you is by giving you increasingly complex problems with unique constraints and your project is the solution. The hard part is that there is no obviously RIGHT solution. If that excites you, you'll do well in architecture. If you have taken basic trig (most architecture student have to go further than this), you know how to make 98% of buildings stand up.

ThatGuy Man 

Im not artistic so I went with engineering


That’s crazy you went to the University of Delaware. I’m from that area and the only thing that stopped me from going there was that they didn’t offer architecture as a major!

Zak Aden Walaljecel 

Bro can u be constructor without knowing drawing??

Ikromov Kalandarbek 

Can I be both architect and engineer


So i gotta be a maverick to be an architect...


I'm a left-hander so im creative ( I do music, "art", design, storytelling)

i love solving problems and build/Create things

SO...Where AM I ?

Arkitekto Ako 

Doesn’t matter. Here in the Philippines, the law allows engineers to sign and seal architecture plans. What happens is they offer the design for free then they will construct. Sucks to be an architect here. I once worked with a contractor which is a civil engineering grad (underboard) and he downloads plans from the internet and pays an engineer to sign it. My 5 years in uni + 2 years internship and architect license is now down the drain. As an architect, I have high respect for civil engineers but they treat us like were irrelevant in the industry here in the Philippines. I heard its not the case in other countries. Civil/Structural engineers respects Architects and vice versa. Sadly not here in my country.


Hi 😃just want to ask if im not really good at drawing can i still choose architecture?

Arnaldo Jansen Carino 

Civil Engineering we make architect's design SAFE.

chicken unicorn 

Who makes more money an architect or an architectural engineer??

chicken unicorn 

I’m a senior now and I’m tryna decide on what I wanna do for the rest of my life.

I’ve always been a perfectionist when it comes to interior design and I always have ideas on what I would do with spaces when i walk into peoples homes or institutions. The only thing is I’m not really good at art and drawing my math is alright. Do u think I can still do it with the lack of art?

Asking Alexandria 

Engineer knows everything about something while Architect knows something about everything.

Viktor Dimitrovski 

Engineering can exist without architecture. Architecture cannot exist without engineering.

Zatzu Uy 

Thank yous so much for your video.

In the comments, i found out that civil engineering had 6 types. Do we study them all in college or pick just one?

Anna Doyle Passons 

Everything from 5:40 to 6:40 proves that I need to major in architecture

Kenei Rio 

Architect should thank Engineers

It's like a Lamborghini without an Engine .

Though it look beautiful from outside but its of no use .

Architect designs houses doesn't mean we Engineers can't design the house LOL.

we can design it too. This days we don't need Architectural Engineers to design our house ,buildings actually there are lots of Software's that will do the Job within a short span of time.

So all in All Engineers Rocks.

Hence Proved .

Lito’s Way 

Awesome video

P.E.I. Man -Canada- 

Get rid of architects, the world would get pretty plain. Get rid of the engineers, the world would be fucked!!

Ward Moshawer 

False information.

Walang tama saakin, ako lang haha 

no one is above the client/owner so stop arguing,

Florian Rexhepaj 

Architecture: Design and visual arts= bullshit= anyone with a drawing software can do=80% chance of being jobless.

Civil and Structural Engineering: Applied Science and Math= complicated, fun and realistic=will learn plenty of design courses and hands-on laboratory work= pretty good money in most states and almost never without a job.

Go for civil guys, architecture is a dying field.

A. .D 

This guys is incorrect about mechanical engineering and creativity. He is only talking about one small section of mechanical engineering. and I am a mechanical energeer.

Castro Mark Anthony 

I'm an architect in my country we have in streght of material, timber, steel, and concrte design analysis we do also math as civil do.

Abdul Azeez 

I'm the only one here to be both. I'm a civil engineer who is studying architecture.