Empty Nester Tiny House Won Best in Show 2017 Colorado Tiny House Festival


Empty Nester Tiny House Won Best in Show 2017 Colorado Tiny House Festival

The Empty Nester is an award-winning tiny house from Kamtz Tiny Home Company. The 36-foot tiny house won Best in Show at the 2017 Colorado Tiny House Festival.

The exterior of the Empty Nester is a mix of woods and metals. There is an outdoor kitchen under the storage area and at the rear of the house is a doggie door that leads out onto an enclosed outdoor deck.

Inside the 365-square-foot tiny house is a living room with queen size sofa bed and large entertainment center. A Dickinson fireplace and mini-split system keep the home warm. Above the living room is a guest sleeping loft with accent wall.

The master bedroom is located up a short 4-stair storage staircase and has room to stand up. In the bedroom is a box beam ceiling, large storage headboard, plus there is extra storage under the rising bed. There is a TV in both the living room and bedroom.

The kitchen features beautiful wood counters, plenty of c...

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Marcia Domeier 

I had to rewatch this, sure I must have missed something really cool since it won an award. Nope I didn’t miss any thing. The outside is so ugly, it looks like a house that has added an addition that didn’t quite match. They manage to make a 36’ home look cramped and cluttered. The decorating, tile, etc is too, too much for a tiny home, in my opinion.

Sandra Buckett 

Instead of showing random pictures of the inside, couldn't you just Walk through it so we can see what room is where?



Mike Sheridan 

I wander if one could be made that expands like some of the camping trailers

alice austin 

Nice indoors, but not liking the outside. Looks like it was added on and on. Not uniform.

justin billingsley 

I love these tiny houses ... however take out this ridiculous music/song

Silly Puppy 

Butt Fugly ! Yuck! 😒

moose boy 

If I wanted to listen to music that's what I would do....this about housing...not the top 40....

Yrene Cedeno 

I knew for some reason... women was involve in this building.... great job!!!!!!!


Really nice! Did women build this home?

Marcelo Meireles 

Oque qui sustenta o peso da madeira ou algo do tipo para que a casa ambulante fique firme? Seus vídeos são ótimo.

victoria brown 

Just amazing y'all did a beautiful job

Mary Sueper 

Home. Sweet. Tiny House. Home.

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Nice! The best tiny house in show 2017 Colorado TH Festival