Emily Drabant Conley: We are at the infancy of a genomic revolution



It has been almost 5 years since I originally published my 23andMe DNA Test review where I concluded that it was right for me. I also asked you to seriously consider if it may or may not be right for you too. And so, if you still have not considered the risks, the benefits and the costs of doing a DNA test, then today’s episode is for you. I was very fortunate to get an interview with Emily Drabant Conley – research scientist and director of business development at 23andMe. And Dr. Conley was very forthcoming and generous in replying to and addressing a variety of issues related to genetic testing in general and 23andMe in particular. So check out the interview and consider how it may relate to or be useful for you.

During our 45 min conversation with Emily Drabant Conley we cover a variety of interesting topics such as: her background in neuroscience and professional responsibilities at 23andMe (aff); her dream of perso...

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Nicki LovesDogs 

I agree with your sister in law. I go holistic and vegan. I believe in the power of plants, clay, meditation and love. Haha. I don't go to gynecologists. I live with as much joy as I can generate and love myself which are components of DNA protection and repair.


I agree with others, it sounded like an interview with an east coast consultant


Too much elusive corporate-speak to my perception.

Corporations don’t pursue truth...they pursue products and profits

One of the inherent weaknesses in the neoliberal economic model is precisely the de-funding and abandonment of pure research in favor of patentable commercial technologies; which is a disaster in the making for humanity imo.

Reflections Observer 

It was interesting to listen to this interview, thank you.

But overall very little if any information, that wasn't available over a year ago.

Despite his attempts to provoke her vision and discuss broader picture, she remained elusive. She also gave me an impression that he knows more than her.


"Obesity as a disease", spare us and future civilization from such weak mindset please.

As soon as insurance companies will be able to get valid predictors from DNA sequencing - it will take off like a rocket :)

Thanks for your work, Nikola, all the best!


medications are a band-aid most of the time, nothing more.