Electrical Engineer Interview | How To Be a Leader In Engineering


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In this episode, we chat with Pat Sweet in this Electrical Engineering Interview, who is an expert in How To Be A Leader In Engineering, should engineers get a masters, why engineers do mba, why mba after engineering, are electrical engineers happy, are electrical engineers rich, what do electrical engineers do, where do electrical engineers work

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J S 

There is a slight hum noise in the audio. I have good headphones and doubt most would hear it but it's annoying af.

Audiotechnica headphones. Forgot the model but best ones under 200 usd.

dinu guan 

Can I use some of your video clip to my school project?

Nouf Sul 

Hi , can you please make a video about electronics engineering ?

vanapetchi pandian 

pls speak without hand moments. ..

syed aijaz Mohiuddin 

hi,brother I want to know why fluctuations coming in substation...suddenly ACB off mode without tripped...n how many types of faults can be happened in substation

Terhran Davis 

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What about electronic engineer is it the same like electrical engineer..what's the difference and which one is better?

Dustin Pegalee 

I enjoy the communications/RF route after the fact. Looking back I want to retake the class. Great interview Jake!

Adriel 117 

Lol sweet interview. Signed up for the course

Peace S. 

Thank you guys for your generosity! I am an electrical engineering studen. For me everything you ve discussed in this interview was very interesting, thank you. I will read Jim collins book as well. Thank you


Michael vsauce here

Jake Voorhees 

Let me know what type of videos you want to see next? What questions do you have about engineering? Thanks!

Andrew Garcia 

do aerospace engineering!