Eikon EMS420 Power Supply - Prepare to be Impressed!



Ugly old man Ugly old man 

I have one only one complaint.the cords coming from the back 🙃would be so better from from front

bill sutphen 

crap, i have it and its shit. my buddy has the older one and same its crap.

zombie tresmundos 

LA AMO!!!! es perfecta. 💖💖💖

Rott montana 

damn moving my WiFi signal is wack


I have one !!!


Is it compatible with a stigma hyper and other reverse polarity machines

Paul Schaffer 

my only complaint about this is the wires coming out of the back .makes no sense to me

__urztruly__ 82 

I still think the machine wire should of been in front of the device

Cliff Clark 

Same Damn thing as the EMS 400

Roberto Salgado 

Dope ass power supply