Earthquakes M 6.6, 6.8, 6.5 Vancouver, Canada 22 October 2018


Just two days before Earth reaches its critical peak in the Solar System, strong seismic activity occurred offshore Vancouver Islands, at the North end of the Juan de Fuca plate.

Also in this video, the Cascadia and Chilean subduction zones, and planetary geometry at the time of the M 8.8 earthquake on 27 February 2010.

Christmas 2018 Earthquake Warning:

M 7.8 Fiji - US West Coast Now On Watch:

High Probability Big Quake North America 2017-2021:

Great Cascadia Earthquakes:

Current Seismic Indicator:

Introduction Video: "Earthquakes & Electromagnetic Waves"

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nativerose nativerose 

Im in Washington state. Are we going to get hit?

Pink Lady 

News flash, we had a small earthquake at about 11:20 am on Thursday morning. 10-25-18...

In victorville, California


Great Vlog! ❤️


New Madrid tremors have been significantly increasing in intensity too!

Nate Darkins 

What do you think of Dutchsinse, I htink you guys could work together, and make some very acurate forcasts< I'm new and just found you but I've followed Dutch for a while.

ligaya estrella 

Thank you for your work! Much love!


Good to "see you", Frank! You've really made a difference inn pointing out planetary geometry and its influence on our earth.......Thank you!


200k away from there... did not feel a thing. Found your video searching Google. Excellent work ! +1 sub. Thank you !


There was a 9+ mag quake in the early 60's in Alaska...

Anuar Tanus 

Ditrianum, what can you show us about Mexicos Activity both on Sept 19th the first 1985 the second 2017, thanks

Iria Monge 

we had a quake 5.0 in costa rica yesterady

Matthew Lorimer 

Well done Sir, I agree with everything you just stated.

I wish to help you clarify a question you implied. The USGS is not stupid they are Currupted. They are treacherous traitors of humanity who represent the American people. Which makes Americans responsible for these traitor's actions. Which also makes Americans the recipients of any of the negative Karma generated by these traitors of humanity. Americans are the most powerful citizens on Planet Earth. With great power comes great responsibility. Americans need to take responsibility for their actions when God's Wrath comes knocking, or there is likely more than coming for us all!

Berry Smith 

Thank you very much and Congratulations again.

larrygator rivers 

Frank, I turned my computer on and your youtube channel pop up and I heard you talking. Lol. I said Is that Frank.? LOL . I said, I must have, "really", needed this Information. ! Keep up this great work Frank. POP up on my computer any time. I just moved. Moving. Where I was; the Concrete was giving way in 3 visible places. There is definitely, MAJOR MOVEMENT and serious times. Thank you thank you thank you.

Lizz Hernandez 

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Margaret Bu Shey 

It pays off to look at planetary geometry and it pays off greater to listen to the guy who watches planetary geometry. Thanks Frank.

Jim Perry 

Hey, Frank. As soon as I got up, I had a stack of three alerts for the PNW and thought "Oh crap, is this it?". You have nailed it yet again, amigo. It has been said by one smarter and more eloquent than me that, "None are so blind as those who will not see". From my days at an old USAF SAC base at Vandenberg AFB (nee SAC) Ca., I have been more tuned into seismic activities. There is so much energy just offshore in our PNW that is is pretty scary. It is a formula for disaster and the best we can hope for is a series of tremors that can reduce the stress while sparing lives and property damage. Thank you once again, Frank. I hope you have a great week, amigo.

Goldlin11 H 

Thank you!!

Sevenfold Women Ministry's 

Thank you Frank for everything you do!

Dougj 34 

Thanks once again for your update Frank, when I lived in Seattle this stuff was always on my mind but I did not know what to do about my concern. Not there currently but continue to watch this area as I have many friends there. I tell them to have a plan and certainly to pay attention. Traffic patterns throughout this area are terrible at best on any given day, when an event happens most will be trapped in place. At least there are high spots people can go to in the event of a larger EQ that can produce a tsunami. I share your work in hopes that people watch and prepare for the real possibilities. Also hoping all know a big one in the Pacific NW can (will?) ring other bells down the coast and all points east. Best.

Noel Morelli 

the warning for the 24 to 27 is still up ?

Angelina Plumb 

Dear Frank, Thanks I am just adding this so people will know that you are right! There were 3 quakes off the cost on the north part of the Island near Port Hardy. I live south Island. But still an eye opener. Time to update the earthquake prepared / bug out bags. I now know what everyone is getting for Christmas. Have a great day !

Chelle Shiiki 

I live snack dab in the neverending silent zone (Oregon, west of I-5), thought I was ready, I'm not. This news caused me to vomit this morning, switched from coffee to beer. Praying God takes me quickly. I do NOT want to survive what's coming, YT truthers on hype watch for a "big event" within 3 months, my internal alarm bells also going off for months now. My 80 yr old father "feeling/hearing frequencies & vibrations" in his home...its all too much.

Thanks Frank.

gwen clark 

Many thanks Frank for your excellent work which is greatly appreciated. God bless, stay safe.

g33k ang3l 

thank you Frank

Angelina Plumb 

Wow, Thank you ! Thats good to know! That's where I live on the Island. But we didn't feel any rumbling here maybe up Island they might of felt something. Or it's just far enough off the cost and into the ocean that we didn't feel it. The waves would be highish at the beach, but it's still dark outside. We'll stay alert just in case there is more to come. Thank you so much for all you are doing. That's amazing

! I am sure they felt it in PortHardy !

Nigel Butterfill 

Thank you Sir.

Natascha's Journey 

Thank you, Frank, for the update. What are your thoughts about whether these 6+ EQs are precursors to a larger quake? That is my thought. Much love...

Truther11 Seeker 

Thank you Frank. You are spot on with your EQ forecast & analysis once again. Your message always come across. Loud and clear. West Coast on watch indeed.

spiritually gifted 

An earthquake of magnitude 5 occurred yesterday in Trinidad and Tobago


Goedemorgen Frank, I live in so. Cal just a mile and a half from the San Andreas , You got my attention !! Thank you.

Petey Pablo 

Thank you frank !

Cecilia Coch 

Ty, very much .

Richard Abinader 

Great job my friend