Drum Microphone & Audio Interfaces Test ,14"x12" DW Collector's Maple/Mahogany Floot Tom


Aopgee Element88 test: 00:08

Focusrite 18i20 test: 06:08

Drum Life Mixer Hub test: 12:27

look through: 17:57


Audix D2 D4 D6

Shure SM57 Beta57a

Sennheiser e602


Audio Interfaces:

Apogee Element88

Focusrite 18i20

Drum Life Mixer Hub

14x12 DW Collector's Maple/Mahogany Floot Tom

Drum Stick:VIC FIRTH 5A

Drum Head:Evans EC2S

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Drumcover999/

Channel:  Robin Kuan
Topics:  Music
Dan O'Moore 

57 sounds most 'real' to me, the others do a lot of 'colouring' to my ears... but then again, I've grown up with the 57's so... maybe that's what happens when you use a tool a lot. ADD: not saying mike colouring is a bad thing... I just like 'natural' input then colour in the mix.


DW are so overrated lol Idk why but they lack such a dynamic spectrum. This almost sounds flat/ out of tune on song mic examples

Greg Williams 



ugh, maybe tune the drum?

Lari D 

Audix sounds the best!!

Md Mahboobali 

Very nice song

Austin Howell 

D4 for the win! If it weren't for the pre-determined scoop on the D6 it would've killed the D4. The way it controls holds the end together is impressive.


Apogee 88 I like (d6)

Chase Deery Drumming 

Lol in th title it says floot tom

Ivan Sapozhnikov 

Sennhiser E602 sounds better

George Hristov Drums 

Audix D4 best !

Janne Väätäinen 

The bleed is also very important. The best sound I've had was Beyerdynamic Opus condenser mics, but the bleed of the cymbals was just unbearable.

SAC Studios 

D6, e602 and NX2 on focusrite 18i20 are my choices. Cheers from Argentina.