Drinking ages around the world




Don’t understand why Mothers Against Drunk Driving wants to keep it 21 but every other country on Earth has it lower than that and they are doing just fine...

Caroline Christensen 

Denmark doesn’t have a drinking age, why does it say that it’s 18??

gaatjeniks aan 

whiskey is the life of man

Corben Matthews 

30 secs into the video and it's already bullshit. Legal to drink at any age in New Zealand. If you're under 18 u just need parental consent and supervision

John Smith 

In China drinking age only exist in theory. If a 7 year old child drinking alcohol on street, no one really cares include police.

BG Jc 

In Switzerland we can drink at an age of 16 and smoke

Uzi30 RapidFire-O'アニメラッパー 

Dis 1 reason im movin 2 Uk free healthcare and all drinks

Antonio Pall 

I grew up in Romania during communism. We had no food but no drinking or smoking age either. We were some starving chain smoking drunks.


Bullshit, there are multiple countries on the "18 years" list that have no restrictions.

dylan clarke 

Correction the DRINKING AGE is 5 in the UK and the age for PURCHASING is 18

Anders Petersen 

Denmark don't have any drinking age too


A few years ago in Spain it was 16


there is no legal drinking age in Denmark. At 16 years old you can buy products with up to 16.5% alcohol and then at the age of 18 you can buy every kind of alcohol

Rasmus Storm 

Denmark has no age restriction On drinking? Only buying.


Legal age to drink beer and wine: 16

Legal age to drink spirits: 18

Legal age to buy tobacco products: 16

Legal age to enter a dance without PG: 16

Legal age to fly an airplane: 16

Legal age to drive a car: 18

Legal age to have sex: 16 (Very much enforced)

Legal age to prostitute yourself: 18

Legal age to marry: 18

Compulsory education until the age of 18


mao mao 

The legal age on greece is 17.but no one cares about that law. Only if you are like 8 or 10 they will refyse to give you alcohol


Norways has a drink age, its 18, but i belived denmark doesnt??


there's none in denmark

sodium chloride 

Again cnn, such misinformation, jamaica DOES have a legal drinking age, which is 18


Colombia is spelt wrong...

shia kumra 

In NZ it is 16 but I'm 12 and drink only smurtnof and bourbon cola witch are 0.07 alcohol only I drink with ma sister brother or friends that drink my perants know and only 1 other friend drinks and I only have 4-5 drinks 1nce every 2 months

Gopniko slavistanus 

In belgium alcohol is legal at the age of 16 and buying it too

Ken Bar 

In Minnesota the drinking age is 21 that's how the so-called de facto government, can extort money from the shop owners, when they accidentally sell to underaged

people. there's so many laws in the US that you can't help but break them. This is why there's so many people in prison here this is not land of the free this is a imprisoned people that live in fear just driving down the street if a cop pulls behind you fear rushes through your body.


legal age for buying alcohol in denmark depend on the type of alcohol. beers and alcohol sodas are age 18 and heavy liqueurs are age 21. there is no specific law saying at one can not drink alcohol under age 18. but one can get in trouble with law serving alcohol to an underage.

douwe lugtigheid 

16 in België


In most European countries the drinking age is 18. Few European countries are 16/18. Most of the Eastern European countries have a very big alcohol and smoking problem like countries like Russia and Ukraine. Even Japan has a smoking and drinking problem.

Ling DaSweetPie 

Yay VIETNAM here! We have no drinking age!

Gregori Quirós Dos Reis 

Luxembourg: 16. No one beats them 😂

Frederik Kristensen 

There is no drinking age in Denmark btw


Denmark law doesn't actually have a set drinking age.

Denmark only has laws prohibiting the purchase. 16 or older <16,5% and 18 for >16,5%

The same goes with cigarettes in Denmark

Dicte Glob 

in denmark your allowed to drik at any age if the parents give an okay

Nichlas Gjeding 

In Denmark there is no drinking age. There is a age of which you can buy alcohol. That is 16 for alcohols under 16,30% and 18 for everything. But if your parents gives you a 40% vodka for you to take to a party and you are only 14 then no one is breaking the law. Your parents are shit but they ain't breaking the law

Iselin Kosiander 

That is actually wrong, Norway has a minimum drinking age at 18.


you forgot to put Denmark in the no drinking age limit

I like turtles ! 

You have to be 18 to drink alcohol in Norway

Blue Director 

In the U.K. if you drink alcohol in your house or a private establishment and your over 5 you are not breaking the law


get a fish drunk,, lmfbo,,wft,???  cant stop laughing,!!!


Info in this video isn't correct, you have to be 18+ to drink in Jamaica

Danielle G 

o another irish classic is to give you a chocolate milk with baileys in it when your around 7, taste good l recommend it

Danielle G 

the legal drinking age here in Ireland is 18, but you will get brandy on a dummy as a baby, a few taste of beer as a toddler and get handed your 1st drink at 8 at your communion party lol

Svend Lindholm 

There is no drinking age in Denmark

Adam Debv 

Sign and spread this petition to help lower the drinking age in the United States wh.gov/iwuFy

Cool Beans 

The actual drinking age in the UK is actually 5 under some circumstances

Kareem Hassan 

Egypt is 21

klaus lauridsen 

lol the minimum drinking age in Denmark is not 18


So apparently CNN is now +BuzzFeed .

The one the only Degan the Vegan 

I live in Turkey and I've drank a few times before I was 18 (Turned 18 Three days ago!) No one stops you When I was 16  I bought alcohol in front of a cop even offered to buy him a canned beer. There might as well not be a age limit to drinking in Turkey!


The person who goes around getting fish drunk knows how to party.