My first look at building a DraftKings NFL Week 17 lineup for the three game Thanksgiving slate. Filmed on Monday December 14 at 10:30am. This is NOT A FINAL LINEUP.

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DFS Cash 

Al I watch your show every week and you’re a big volume guy, you didn’t even mention sherfield at $3200 18 targets over 3 weeks consistent 3to4x value over that time

Jeff Klein 

What's the difference between a bomb and a burger?

Areal S 

I am sure the Chiefs , New England, Steelers Dallas and other few like Philadelphia will do just as good as the Jets. Maybe Aaron Jones won't play. Then he will with his (ankle) I think Chris Hogan will come back and di 16dfkps.. Philly has Connor back. Anderson LA RAMS is the goods 23dfkps. Gallup may do 1td and 15dfkps. Think about the 15s with those 23plus points. My question is tightends. Eritz, Gronkowski, K. Rudolph.. Kelce 15- 20dfkps..

Michael Williams 

Al by the way great videos!

Michael Williams 

Hey Al why not focus on teams that need to win instead of ones thats a risk of not playing there studs

Dave Hampton 



is the rams still fighting for home field advantage?

Cyber Genics 

Lindsay is out....

Chris Proctor 

Al, love the content! I watch your show videos over and over. I love the process. I love the way you show what your talking about directly from DraftKings. I love you Al. Do you do baseball? Do you know someone who does?❤

King Reed 

Off mahomes game flow reasons

David DeMerit 

If I am not mistaken, the Cowboys and Seahawks are locked into their spots as well, so wouldn't you think most of those players will also be resting on Sunday just as the Saints will be....I love Carson this week, but I am actually hoping the Seahawks decide to rest him so that I can ride Mike Davis...also, what are your thoughts on Zenner this week for value?


Anybody else debating on playing big this weekend after Christmas lol

Randy H 

TY as always for 17 weeks of great stuff AL

Chad Pru 

I picked sproles last week and thought I was on the way to a million. Iol


ha had brain hill in my lineups before even watching this

caleb lyon 

Love these vids man! Great content


Fuck our commissioner, for making the league BCS style.

Jeremy Pierce 

Had an up and down season. Took a few 1st place spots...split several 1st place showdowns with a billion other people and made no money. I am done with showdowns unless its head to head with my buddies lol


Solid ass lineup man. I hate that NFL season is coming to a close. Will you be switching to NBA full time during NFL offseason and still have content like this but for NBA? Thanks.

King Reed 

Kelce tag bit high Engram in nice window prefer Davis over Carson I totally get the mahomes thing but he would have to finish as the top qb this week dnt think game flow lets him

sasha laa 

Would you go Brian Hill over Jeff Wilson assuming both Coleman and Breida are out?

Christopher Meade 

Gus Edwards?

Christopher Meade 

What about Aaron Rodgers?


Yes! Thanks so much for listening to me on the Twitch chat, Al! I brought up Hill and Carson take this morning. I hope I'm right (if Coleman doesn't play). Merry Christmas!

King Reed 

Williams from KC seems solid at first glance

Tony Overla 

Week 16 was a crazy high scoring fantasy week.

Maine Mack93 

I already know its gonna be a great vid!! Merry Christmas & keep up the good work!!