Do More Test Markers Matter? - A Segment of DNA


Each DNA test has a certain number of markers they test. The markers between Y-DNA tests (STRs 37, 67, or 111) are different from the Autosomal DNA tests (SNPs, 500,000-1,000,000) so you can’t compare them. Depending on what types of results we are looking at, ethnicity, haplogroup, or cousin matching, more markers aren’t always better.


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La La 

I have a question, why do they put north Africa and middle east or Arab in the same category? Is it be cause we share DNA or are they just "being racist" like everyone is suggesting

Tom F 

With Y-DNA, I think the potential varies somewhat for each person. But, there is a point for each of us, when we come to diminishing returns. The point when a more expensive test, higher markers, a fancier name for your grouping; doesn't really tell you any more than you already know. Thank you for the video.


When measuring the genealogical distance, is it worth lowering threshold for cMs? I may have a match with 3 larger segments, totalling in 56 cM, the largest segment being 20. But if I lower the threshold to 2 cM, the total shared cM is 340? Since I had significant cMs in the first place, can I assume the remaining lower cM segments should be taken into account when looking at the genealogical distance?

Cory Stophlet 

Well done. Thanks. I'm posting this video to my Family Genealogy Facebook Group.

anne Pelton 

My son did the 37. He got no matches. Is it worth doing the 67?

Simon Powell 

Thanks for the explanation, great info!