DNC LAWSUIT MEDIA BLACKOUT EXPLAINED: Even Progressive Media Frightened of Standing Against DNC


Kim Dotcom KNEW Seth Rich and Kim Dotcom KNOWS he’s a WikiLeaks source and will meet with legal team, provide a statement THIS TUESDAY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PENauWbAac

H.A. Goodman Says Bernie Sanders Still Has a Chance


H.A. Goodman Goes After Pro-Clinton Media Bias


I'm meeting my legal team on Monday. I will issue a statement about #SethRich on Tuesday. Please be patient. This needs to be done properly.


I knew Seth Rich. I know he was the @Wikileaks source. I was involved.


I'm the evidence!!


If Congress includes #SethRich case into their Russia probe I'll give written testimony with evidence that Seth Rich was @Wikileaks source.


Demand DNC Allow FBI to Examine...

Channel:  H. A. Goodman

I don't think your dumb HA. In fact I think your intellengent and concise. I also think your insecure as hell about what your doing. It doesn't seem to be giving you satisfaction. Like a nice big byline with a big MSM outfit.

Green Ethan 

In Mel Brooks' The Producers, a Broadway promoter figures out that he could take home more money from a failed show than from a success. I think the DNC has caught on.

Green Ethan 

I wouldn't have donated a single penny to the DNC if I knew that they were running on their own pre-ordained script. DSW wouldn't have been forced to resign if crimes hadn't been committed. DSW should be locked up.

William Smith 

my friend who is all bernie all day says all of this is right wing propaganda.

talk about ignorance

Vivien Toft 

I don't think you are nuts. I love your passion. Thanks for calling out the DNC and the failure of the existing Democratic Party model. And your long term support of Bernie and his policies.

RAP Perkins 

I've emailed Demnow at least 3 times and have gotton no news from their show on this nor an email response which by the way they used to always respond. My 3rd big disappointment with their show these days. I'm a DemNow vet since 2003

RAP Perkins 

DemocracyNow too!

Dan Extrinsic01 

all true, but calling out TYT was messed up. why? because they did cover it, several times now, and Jimmy Dore covers the topic constantly soo....

anyways, awsome video! great illumination on the reality of the case!

Patrick Mcathey 

The question is why isn't FOX they can't even BS a hack job on the dems as good as the truth.

stevie Flax 

THE FAKE GLASS CEILING STAGE PROP, was more important to the DNC than finding Seth Rich's murderers. They sent Donna Brazil to call the investigator off the case. This is the DNC AND THEY ARE EVIL !

stevie Flax 


Henry Wilson 

Debbie Wassermann Schultz could not get laid in a man's prison.

T J 

I am a Trump supporter. I appreciate you speaking out on the corruption of the democrat party. You do not fall in line with the typical liberal who will except the lies just to bring Trump down. You are very honest...

Kevin Olesik 

completion bonuses ... winning bonuses would have been 10 times what they got likely

Brian Cox 

I'm a Trump supporter and I agree with you 100%. Tweeting your video.

Pat Andler 

Paul Craig Roberts wrote a good article about where the word "conspiracy theory" came from.Just as Trump wants good relations with Russia, so did John F. Kennedy and it was one of the reasons the the CIA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Secret Service worked together to assassanate him (see the book JFK and the Unspeakable by James Douglas).JFK and began to diffuse tensions with the Soviet Union and his intention was to pull out of Vietnam and wanted a new approach to foreign policy . Earl Warren chaired the commission to cover up the assassination. The CIA introduced "conspiracy theory" as a technique to discredit skepticism of the Warren Commission's cover up and have been using this term ever since to validate false explanations by discrediting true explanations. Another one of their mind control techniques (pyschological warfare used against its own people, us Americans. We must take down the Deep State.American Intelligence Media is another good source for the truth on yout

Guy Jordan 

How much of the $1.2 billion went to gin up the "Peegate" "Trump Dossier" that only served to help a federal agency get a FISA warrant that was refused in June 2016?


I heard about the lawsuit on infowars, I came here to get the scoop.

Patrick Wheeler 


Richard Street 

H A Look what happened in 2008 when the banks went down the pan because of their own greed and fraud ! At the end of that tax year they ALL got huge bonuses , some in the millions of dollars ! It seems that if you F**K up and you are part of the elite cartel then you get rewarded ! It is par for the course ! As for the DNC scandal , well NOT very Democratic are they and they deserve everything that they get out of this even if it destroys them .

As usual , as you so rightly say , nothing of this gets a mention on the msm though I would have thought Fox may have covered it until they too become liberalised which will mean absolutely NO anti Democrat / Clinton / Obama / Rice / Comey / Lynch / Waters etc reports will come out EVER ! Well that's FREE SPEECH FOR YOU I SUPPOSE !

Gabe Dudley 

stay on em H.A. and thank you! All real liberals please stand up.


i've been saying that for months....if you gave a thousand bucks and a 100 hours to bernie's campaign and found out that DWS knew the whole time your money was going down a shit hole, why isn't that a crime?

Zak Chb 

Lock them up?


There is one thing which is MUCH less likely than reforming the corrupt Democrats: winning (and governing) with a 3rd party. The Democrats are WEAK, and their leadership STILL can't admit that they cheated progressives in various ways, primarily by getting their media allies to ignore/dismiss Bernie. The DNC can be routed quickly but that needs to happen from the top down.

The Bernie blackout is finally over and he is now the biggest dog inside the D tent. The "he can't win" meme is dead. His collaboration with Democrats pisses off some progressives but I think he is up to something. Look what is now possible: If/when Bernie takes over the party he gets to call the shots. The Dems are defenseless because NO other Dem has his following, and his following is growing among independents and disgruntled Trumpers. If he seizes the Democratic party most Democrats will join us. The ones who don't will be few and easily ignored.

If he's smart (and I think he is) he will hold off on the final


I understand your support for Assange and Wikileaks but let's not forget that Julian Assange was accused of rape. He fled to the Ecuadorian Embassy in order to avoid supposed extradition to the US. He has always denied that (rape) accusation but has never stood trial and been declared innocent. Now that charge has been dropped not by the accuser but by the Swedish government. What of the victim, has she how seen justice dissolved - Did Assange indeed get away with rape? Why not do a forensic video discussing the case for and against. It may be the only justice that woman will get.


FBI won't do shit. It is a 3 Letter Agency, they don't work for you they work for the bankers who own you.


Keep at it HA!  l am NOT a Dem OR a Rep...but l know that the DNC....and the Rhino AND the 'elites' are taking their money and putting it into weird fringe sects ie BAMN, Antifa..etc   to cause mayhem with the 'useful idiots'.  Divide and conquer is the mo of the evil controllers.  Trump doesn't want this nonsense!  That's why so many voted for him.  So they're going full throttle madness!

Shawn Craddock 

I want my $27 back from the assholes who murdered Seth Rich.


So some people gave money to Bernie for no practical reason? Well, if Bernie the socialist was president, then that would be the case with ALL of us!

David Reynolds 

Naw, don't you get it? The Democrat-controlled MSM determines the narrative.

Elizabeth Alexander 

I take you totally seriously, H.A. Your issues are mine too...I am not sure there could be a more corrupt organization than the DNC at this point....evil is not too strong a word for that crew....I pray the truth comes out...


Tell us about the Democrat ordered hit on Seth Rich. Tell us about the blood trail that leads all the way up to Hillary Clintons door. Sooner or later the DNC pocketed media are going to have to talk about this so let's hope this is the literal 'smoking gun' that puts HRC in jail

Not the NSA 

This a Disgusting abuse of Democratic values.

Robert Gräfe 

But of course the DNC hands out, Taxpayer funded, Bonuses after loosing. This is normal buisness Procedure, just think of all the Bankers. (sardonic) LOL

ash smitty 

Hey Mr Goodman. I 100% apologise for being rude and harsh to you regards Assange. I feel u r doing the right thing. And I support you

ash smitty 

Hey john, I was pretty harsh on you regards Julian Assange missing. I 100% apologise. Keep up the good work.


Keep doing what you're doing, H A.


Key point made : The DNC is a well-oiled machine resembling Tammany Hall.

That Mr. Rich gave his life to inform the public citizen, expose the betrayal of popular democracy is now a DNC ordered MURDER. The Russia story is a deliberate distraction. While all of this is going on, routine graft and corrosive politics is lining pockets and stealing more of our money. We don't stop it here, it will engulf and enslave us to this malaise.


good segment

Dewey Farmer 

nobody talks about how the DNC doesn't put up an award just like msm doesn't talk about how the Clinton foundation was worth well over 100 million dollars and just shut down. Where is the money? Where is Libya's gold dinar???

Rodney Hill 

The Dems demand loyalty but have no loyalty to most of their base. Where is the quid pro quo for most Democratic Party voters, apart from the wealthy and corporations? Infrastructure is crumbling, real unemployment is in the teens if not higher, not this fiction provided by the Bureau of Labor Ststistics, inequality and lack of prospects are at third world levels, college grads are living in their parents basement, and this is the best the Democratic Party can do, giving us massive corruption and fraud, and Hillary Clinton? I add my voice to those who believe the Democratic Party and corporate media are in decline and on the way out.


Do you all remember when the DNC said Sanders breached the voter registration data and Bernie had to fire a staffer??? I bet Seth Rich remembers that. Wow!! http://www.cnn.com/2015/12/18/politics/bernie-sanders-campaign-dnc-suspension/

David Harrell 

They should've added another defendant to the lawsuit: one Bernie Sanders, since he turned his back on his donors and volunteers by supporting DNClinton and saying nary a word in protest. Isn't that odd? Almost like it was planned to happen that way, and he was in on it.

ashley caudle 

the dnc is deepstate / cia mafia and they own the media

Else Martin 

Again, thank you H.A!

Even since you mention the couple fighting for justice and against corruption I wanted to learn more about the case and them. So now I know more. That I would not have known through the MSN media here in Norway. Whatever goes on over there effects us in Europe in the end of it. God bless you so much, and I will pray together with you that the case will not be shut down. Yes I am a Trump supporter, but wants rightousness and truth. I will never leave the hero Seth Martin out of mind before the truth has come forth.


The lawyer representing the DNC said during the 2nd motion to dismiss court hearing, that there is no such thing as a Democrat. Also the lawyer admitted that the DNC consider themselves as a private organisation and using the charities legal arguments, that the donors have no standing as the party and it is not obliged to full it promises (money donated is not payments for service or products). Therefore the Bernie Sanders supporters have no right to sue for fraud or any other legal issue.

Also during the DNC ON THE CROWNING Hillary, Bernie Sanders cowarded under their pressure, while his supporters remained to keep protesting against the robbing of the nomination and rigging other votes, and using the superdelegates (the Bourgeoisie).

Angry Shamrock 

DNC is a giant fake gofundme. Just give us money, their mission statement.

Arcane Nebula 

Every video I always think it's frozen or paused for the first 2 seconds lol

Goddess & The Goodson 

Young Turks can't wage war with DNC because the Justice Democrats are reliant on them.


Hillary spent over 1.2 Billion dollars??? What a fucking waste!!!