DM Tip #3 Skill Challenges (And Why You Should Use Them)


Skill Challenges got a bad rep in 4e but they can be really useful to facilitate roleplaying!

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Tabletop Blacksmith 

Hahaha give yourself another success because you checked left handed.

David 102 

What happened to the old puzzle videos? Those were awesome, I was trying to use some of your ideas but they are gone now :/

Jakob Chavez 

What happened to all your old videos? You used to have a ton of them!

Ryan Gingrich 

Just found this channel, binged all of your previous videos. I'd love to see more!

Van The Man! 

I love this channel and the puzzles

Nicholas Bear 

Hey! Great videos! I was wondering what happened to all the Puzzle of the week videos? Those were awesome!

Kendo Arasuta 

Welcome back!! 😀