DIY | How to hack Subway Surfers - Android (100% working) | 2018


I was hoping this would help anyone who is trying to figure out how to hack subway surfers or any game really.

You dont need any root.

Only for androids.

Need a hack tool called lucky patcher. DOWNLOAD BELOW:

Tutorial on how to get Lucky Patcher:

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Shannara Chronicles 

I played this game a lot back in 2012-2014. It's been about 4 years since I played this game and it brings back good old memories.

You know what ? I wouldn't have used any hacks on the game even if I knew of their existence.

I remember waking up for school but before leaving my house, I had to play first.


After do that its not connecting Facebook.. Why?

technical nisha 

Abe Angrej no aulad


My battery percentage is also 62%

Alina Gatcha 

It worked! Tf I thought It's fake. Guys It's pretty easy, just follow the steps! And it doesn't downgrade the version on my phone.

Erika Aranyi 


Rina Das 

I hacked very easily

M1K43L G4M3R 

You can just download it from tutuapp

Noni Ch 

Hello bro how to hack a bigo live app

Anns Raja 

you loser you fucker i don't subscribe you because he shows that purchase has failed

asrar ahmed junedi 

Try's what I always use to get unlimited resources *postisguides. com*


Does it work

Dorian Watkins 

Go to OceanOfApk it works

fatin wassef 

It worked

Ruchi Khurana 


Gaurav Meena 

Muh me kuch h kya aise bol.rha h...

Krishna studio 

Sub me plz my all friends


Better buy items :)

Sub_ KDM 

Dont let them get to you dab on them haters ok.

spidermanssj2 something 

Mine didn't work please help

Jamil Bowens 

This shit work's man thank you Soo much for the game respect for you Mann

Master Gamer 

It worked the dislike button worked

Krisztina Sipos 


Sutol 420 

Of 👏 cause 👏 it 👏 is 👏 a 👏 troll

Junaid Sheikh 

This lucky Pachers not work but why ?

Acction Reaction 

lucky pather is not install in my phone i l u

angel sanchez 


Nathan johnson 

If anyone has to download new hack Subway Surfers, then go to my channel and download and subscribe also. Plz 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Ricardo Ramirez 

They do not really charge you

Ferdia Tyrrell 

With me it says patch pattern N3 an N4 failed so it didnt work

Adarsh Waghale 

How to download luckpacher

Красимир Илов 




Hacker king 

Lucky patcher was does not download

Maltrix KOTDx 

Still work?


Is it free?

Aquil Newton 

You don't need to do any of these things just inbox me it's easy fr

Aidas S 

That didn't work!

Dagvadorj Dashdavaa 

wtf its not working

Kermit The Frog 

Well i use lulubox to do it

Takasarali Ranjha 

Teri bhen ko chodu.... Video pause ku ki itni bar

Cronic Emperor 

*does it work for 2019 users*

Aniyah Henry 

U a big fat burger

Game XPlayer 

This is funny because I have all the skins and all limited time mode skins what you need to do is go on Google and type in subway surfers mod and the app mod will show up you download it redownload the game and boom....

the ancient herb man jah 

Thanx my dude

Ben Esguerra 


Ben Esguerra 


UnKnown Player 

Use panda helper


This hack works and it works on offline games like injustice mkx wwe immortals temple run 2 and other but after hack you cant login or sign in the game

Shanze Hussain 

it did workbut bad thing about it you can't update the app