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Join Navia and Issac from Disney Channel’s Raven’s Home as they enjoy their vacation on the Disney Magic Cruise Ship!

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Zoey Horner 

I'm in this commercial 😂

Tyreese Morris 

Is that Nina from Ravens home

Samantha Valdez 


Christian Corriveau 

Navia Robinson looks cute in a swumsuit


Where is tooquick4you2???

Kevon Lowery 

Navia looks real cute

Lexi Carrell 

My mom said that the Disney cruise might be the next cruise we go on I have only been on two others harmony of the seas which was spectacular! And another one that I forgot.

Ellies surprises 

I want to go on this ship next

Destiny Ntim 

Love it 😍

Everything Kawaii 

I went on that cruise in November

Adriana Avila 

When does season 2 premiere? Raven’s Home is really good.

Andrew Garcia 

what happen that revenue home on Disney Channel

zarah cross 

This makes me want to go back on the magic

Tamara Potter 

Why is it telling me that this channel doesn't exist anymore?

Sanlun's Gaming and More 

I always want to go on there

Maria Adriano 

When is a new ravens home episode coming out!!

Maria Adriano 

I like navia hair

Jacob Rodriguez 

There hasn't been a Ravens home episode in a long time

Morgan Hines 

I wish I could go on a Disney Cruise but, my mom gets sea sick and I have a little brother.

Rosario Amores 

son los mejores

ItsRDH Wavii 

im sooooop early #earlysquad

Dulce Sandoval 


Anesu Dzama 

Early sqaud

Ashanti Jones Fam 


Jainya Miller 

Hi Mia and booker

Melissa Salazar 


Maiya's Fun 

Hello there



Kamilla Vlogs 

Hi Disney