DISCUSSION: Passing of the National Minimum Wage Bill


The South African Federation of Trade Unions has lashed out at Parliament for passing of the National Minimum Wage Bill and amendments to the Labour Relations and Basic Conditions Employment Acts yesterday. The Bills pave the way for the introduction of a R20 an hour minimum and will enforce secret balloting to gauge the appetite of workers before unions embark on strike action. Joining us from Cape Town is Deputy Parliamentary Coordinator of COSATU, Matthew Parks. The Federation of Unions of South Africa has welcomed the passing of the National Wage Bill, despite agreeing that R20-per hour is not a living wage. They say that this will, however, lift millions out of abject poverty.

The Basic Conditions of Employment Amendment and the Labour Relations Amendment Bills are also offering better working conditions and benefits for women. Joining us on the line from Geneva in Switzerland is Dennis George from FEDUSA, he is currently attending the International Labour Conference, and from Ca...